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A Blood Eagle Technician with a deployable light turret.
General information
Armor typeMedium
Health1200 (1300)
Energy100 (110)
Tribes Gold160
Experience points7200
The technician is built for defense and repair, keeping base structures online and functional, and deploying light turrets to bolster defenses along the way.— In-game description

The Technician is the ultimate defender in the game, using an array of weaponry such as his Light Turret to defend his base from enemy attack. He also uses the Improved Repair Tool, allowing him to quickly repair destroyed base assets. He has an array of lethal weaponry that enhance his ability in combat, such as the Thumper and TCN4 SMG. This class is responsible for denying invaders access to the Generator Room and defending the Flag Stand. A medium armor class, it has 1200 default health and has average movement capabilities.

The Technician is available for unlock with 7200 XP or 160 Tribes Gold. When unlocked, the following default weapons are obtained for free: TCN4 SMG, Improved Repair Tool, TCNG, and Light Turret


Primary Weapon[edit]

Secondary Weapon[edit]


Belt Item[edit]




Class Roles and Tips[edit]

Generator Defense[edit]

The Generator powers the base assets, the Technician's Light Turrets, the Sentinel's Drop Jammers, and the Doombringer's Force Fields. Thus, it is a high priority target to enemies. A Technician assigned to Generator Defense will most likely want to use the Thumper, as it is extremely powerful in close combat. You have a number of tools at your disposal to help with Generator Defense. Set up Light Turrets around corners or in the entrances, and make sure they are operational at all times. Motion Sensors, when tripped, will reveal an Infiltrator or an enemy attempting to enter the base, as well as drain them of energy. It is important to note that the Generator will go down, and it will never remain online the entire game unless the enemy team is too incompetent or the generator is heavily defended (which usually means your flag is vulnerable). Keep an eye out for enemy Infiltrators and toss a few TCNG's (if available) to try and sniff them out. The Long Range Repair Tool can help you out with keeping yourself mobile when repairing the generator, which will save you from a few Sticky Grenade deaths.

The main issue with this role is that too many players consider the generator more vital than the flag, a belief that has caused many arguments between teammates and is in fact contradictory to the purpose of Capture The Flag. Please be aware that while the generator is responsible for powering almost all non player assests it does not make up for skilled players. An entire match can be won with the generator down with proper coordination and teamwork. If the flag stand is under heavy attack or if the generator is bombarded with unstoppable force then abandon it and support the defense in defending the flag. The generator will automatically repair itself, negating your constant vigilance and killing enemies will give you more credits than repairing allowing for more upgrades or call-ins. Do NOT pester the defense to clear the generator room, their priority will always be the flag.

Flag Stand Defense[edit]

Only attempt this if aided by a Heavy on Flag (usually a Doombringer). As long as the Generator is operational, you will be able to use Light Turrets to attack incoming enemies and kill them. You'll be best served with the TCN4 SMG, as it allows you accuracy in mid air, which is necessary in order to eliminate enemy cappers. Your role here will be to keep your turrets and Force Field at full health. Call in an Inventory Station to help you and your fellow defenders out.

Tank Master[edit]

By using the Pilot perk, you increase the health of the Beowulf to 9600, making it much more resilient to enemy attacks. With skill behind the wheel you can effectively end the lives of many players both defensively and offensively. Anytime your tank has taken damage, find a secluded spot and heal up. On the defense your tank can stop many would be flag grabber, while offensively you can clear the enemy base and create a very powerful distraction as many players will try to hunt you down and kill the pesky tank. This tactic is most effective with a second player operating the machine gun, as they can be used to kill opponents above the tank (out of reach of the main cannon) as well as defending against the Doombringer's Saber Launcher missiles. It is recommended that this second player has the Mechanic perk, as a full rank of it will reduce the damage taken when multi-crewing vehicles by 25%.

General Tips[edit]

  • An undeployed turret is a wasted turret. If you are near death and do not have any turrets deployed on the field already, it's worth setting a turret. It is possible to take the opponent to the grave with you with the turret.
  • Light Turrets are weak, and can be destroyed very easily with a few discs or grenades. A Technician should stay nearby his turret to both repair or replace it.
  • You can only deploy 2 Light Turrets on the map at once. However, it is best to carry an extra turret as a spare to quickly replace a destroyed turret. Note, once you've placed the maximum amount of turrets on the map at once, placing another will destroy the first one you've placed down.
  • It's a good idea to call in an Inventory Station near the flagstand so you can quickly stock up on health, ammo, and turrets. Note that calling in an Inventory Station uses 2000 credits.
  • Place turrets in sheltered locations that are hard to snipe with spinfusor discs, and around corners when they aren't expected.
  • A technician camping the generator does not help much with defending the flag. A Technician provides much needed repairs to a Doombringer's Force Field, and the Motion Sensor can drain a capper of his energy preventing a high speed escape. Rotate between the Generator and the Flag to make sure both remain protected.


Primary Weapon[edit]

TCN4 SMG: The default weapon for a Technician, the TCN4 is the bread and butter for any situation. It is a powerful SMG that sports a fast fire rate and medium damage. This SMG is great for a Technician that plays outdoor defense, defending the flag stand from enemy cappers and attackers. Combined with the Light Turret, this weapon can help you drown an enemy in a spray of bullets.

Thumper: The Thumper has incredible power, allowing a Technician to rain grenades on their opponents with ease. This weapon is much more useful indoors, when enemies are near walls and are susceptible to this weapon's splash damage. Combine with your TCNG to overpower your foes in explosive residue. This weapon is recommended for generator defense, as it is very ineffective in eliminating enemies in the air.

TCN4 Rockwind SMG: A variant of the TCN4, this gun sacrifices fire rate for an incredible amount of damage. The Rockwind, in its current rendition, is a downgrade from the TCN4 in every circumstance barring the scenario where you hit the first shot on an enemy with between 80 and 105 health.

TC24: A midpoint between the TCN4 and the Thumper, the TC24 fires small explosives in a straight line that explode on contact or after 2 seconds. The TC24 is a generalized indoor and outdoor weapon, failing to specialize in either category, and is more useful to a Technician traveling between indoor and outdoor environments, such as between the generator and the flag stand.

Secondary Weapon[edit]

Improved Repair Tool: This is an improved version of the default Repair Tool, sporting a faster repair rate than normal. It is the default Technician secondary. Use this tool to repair base assets such as the Generator, Radar Sensor, and Base Turrets. Be careful when repairing equipment however, as you are very exposed and the target of many Infiltrator attacks. When repairing assets outside the base, you may find yourself the target of enemy Spinfusor attacks as well. As a precaution, move around the equipment in a circle if you can, to reduce your chance of being killed.

When paired with the Mechanic perk, this tool can be used to damage enemy turrets and remove their firing capacity while being "repaired".

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Unlike the Improved Repair Tool, this secondary is an offensive weapon, giving a Technician much needed stopping power at close range. Per hit, it is more powerful than a weapon such as the Automatic Shotgun, but suffers from a decreased fire rate and only two shells of damage. This weapon is hitscan, so no lead is necessary when attacking targets. Use the Shotgun to finish off opponents that are injured from your Light Turret or primary weapon.

Sparrow: A typical pistol, the Sparrow resembles the Soldier's Eagle Pistol. It fires hitscan bullets with a rapid rate of fire that deal relatively low damage per hit, making it a great weapon to finish opponents off.

Long Range Repair Tool: This is a variant of the Repair Tool that has a longer range but slower repair speed. This tool will allow you to move around when repairing more freely, greatly reducing your chance of being stuck with an Infiltrator's Sticky Grenades or Melee.

Belt Item[edit]

TCNG: The TCNG is an extremely powerful grenade with a large radius, making this a Technician's best friend. This grenade is useful when you feel pressured by enemy Infiltrators, as a single hit will either kill them or reveal their stealth. It is recommended to throw these grenades around when in combat to make it easier to kill enemies; oftentimes, by spamming the TCNG in random corners of the room you will pick up kills from either the enemy you are dueling or a random Infiltrator.

Motion Sensor: An Infiltrator's worst nightmare, this equipment will drain an opponent's energy and alert the Technician to their presence, revealing their stealth in the process. Place these in your generator room or around your flag stand to alert your teammates to unwanted visitors, and dispose of them with your primary weapon or grenades.

TCNG Quickfuse: A variant of the TCNG, this grenade has slightly less damage for a larger radius and shorter fuse. This grenade will explode very quickly when you release it, allowing you to aim close to your enemy and get them without a chance to dodge.

Repair Kit: The Repair Kit acts and is placed like a mine, but repairs any repairable items in its range. They will repair multiple items at once if that are in range and placing multiple repair kits will repair faster. Using a Repair Kit with a Repair Tool also stacks very effectively.


Light Turret: This is the bread and butter of the Technician class. These Turrets, when placed correctly, are almost guaranteed to shred two or three enemies down. They have a relentless fire rate, and automated aim which means they are almost guaranteed to hit on every shot. Place these to defend your generator or your flag stand. As with the Force Field, the Light Turret requires the Generator to be online to be functional, which adds added emphasis on protecting your generator. Place these turrets in the corners of rooms or inside a small "lip" in the wall by a doorway to surprise your foes, and prevent them from being sniped from a distance where they will not track enemies. When approaching enemy turrets, you will hear a small metallic sound, warning of their presence.

EXR Turret: This turret is less commonly used by Technicians, thanks to their lower DPS and hit-rate. It doesn't mean, however, that it is in any way worse than the Light Turret. Always remember that they are counted as a different type of deployable from the Light Turret, allowing two Technicians to bunch up their Light Turret and EXR Turret together, creating a denser defense. Moreover, their longer range allow some more unorthodox placement that can catch enemies off guard. In general, the EXR Turret is a good choice if there are already a few technicians on your team with Light Turrets, since it supplements them greatly.

Perk Choice[edit]

Primary Perks[edit]

Safety Third: This paired with belt upgrades gives you three grenades or four motion sensors. Grenades are great for defending generators. When you see the enemy charging in, lob a few in the entrance way to soften up the enemy while your turrets clean up the mess. Don't forget to reload when the heat dies down though. This perk also applies to Repair Kits, allowing two to be carried and four to down at a time. Carrying two Repair kits save a technician on trips to the inventory station.

Wheel Deal: Technicians are a great choice for driving vehicles since they can do their own repairs easily. This gives you faster access and easier replacement capability.

Bounty Hunter: It may not be the most obvious choice for a technician, but the close quarters combat of generator defense is ripe with opportunity for grenade kills. It is up to you to decide if the extra credits are worth not having that 3rd grenade. There are better choices, but it may be fun to experiment with this one.

Secondary Perks[edit]

Mechanic: Upgrades, this will give you the fastest repair in the game when you upgrade your repair gun along with it. A strong choice for any technician role. This perks effects do not apply to Repair Kits, only Repair Tools.

Pilot: If you plan on driving vehicles this is a great perk to take with Wheel Deal. The 10% health is a very significant amount. Upgrading it fully unlocks an eject button, making sure you don't go down in a ball of flames along with all those credits you spent on that vehicle. There is also potential for some very interesting collision tactics.


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