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General information
Max Players: 32

Tartarus is a Capture the Flag and a Capture and Hold map in Tribes: Ascend. It was introduced into the map rotation with the May 8, 2012 patch.


Tartarus is a map with giant trees and a lush environment with little human interference. Each team has a small base which contains the generator. The flag stand is very open and on a small platform surrounded by boxes. In the middle and on the sides are a giant, fallen log with a water fall coming out of it (the waterfall has no effect but aesthetics) and a giant, crashed ship that has moss growing over it. These can be used offensively or defensively. There are plenty of good hills which can provide decent speed for cappers. The vehicle pad is on top of the small base. The radar is also on top of the base, but on a different room. There are 2 base turrets where 1 is placed semi-close to the flag stand and the other is closer to the generator room.

Key Locations[edit]

Under the giant trees- These provide a good shelling spot.

Fallen log and crashed ship- You can cover the enemy base, midfield, and your base with juggernauts and sentinels if you stand on these.