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Skiing downhill. Note the speed meters on either side of the screen.

Skiing is performed by holding the ski button (default: spacebar). When activated, all friction between you and the ground is negated, allowing you to slide down slopes. Skiing does not drain your energy and can be activated at any time. While skiing along the ground, it is possible to adjust your direction slightly by strafing left or right. Strafing is more effective at lower speeds; when moving very quickly, it is almost impossible to change your direction by strafing.

Use the terrain to your advantage while skiing; the basic principle is to ski down slopes while Jetpacking up them, always trying to land on the next downslope to keep your momentum and build more and more speed. Learning how to ski effectively in Tribes is essential to traverse the large maps.

Acceleration and speed while skiing is dependent on armor type. Light armor accelerates the fastest, and Heavy armor accelerates the slowest. Top speeds vary between armor. Light armor can very easily sustain speeds over 200 km/h whereas Heavy armor slows quickly, and maxes out around 160 km/h.

Knockback from grenades and explosions causes massive acceleration and is very useful for getting up to speed. The more forward momentum you have, the more speed the knockback will add. A pathfinder who uses Thrust to begin accelerating, and then follows with an Impact Nitron at the bottom of the slope will be sent soaring.

Players often use weapons that fire explosives to gain a speed boost by shooting them at the ground behind themselves. This is often referred to as "disc-jumping" and is an excellent way to move quickly. Egocentric is often used in conjunction with disc-jumping to reduce the amount of damage received. Because Heavies have a large health pool, they can disc-jump many times. This can be an effective way for Heavy Armor to keep up to speed.

There are currently two training maps available to practice skiing, Ski tutorial and Ski challenge.

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