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A Blood Eagle Raider with the grenade launcher.
General information
Armor typeMedium
Health1200 (1300)
Energy100 (110)
Tribes Gold280
Experience points9000
The raider is a durable attacking class, with weapons that wreak havoc on defences and packs that offer extra protection.— In-game description

The Raider is a base destruction specialist. They are a durable medium armored attacker with two distinct explosive primary weapons for destructive indoors use. The ARX Buster fires three sticky grenades in rapid succession, which are effective on both infantry and vehicles/base assets. The Grenade Launcher has an increased magazine size of 5 non-sticky grenades, offset by a slightly decreased fire rate and individual projectile damage. They are also equipped with an SMG for open-air combat where their explosive armaments become more challenging to use.

Raiders are also in possession of two very distinct and useful packs. The Shield Pack enables the Raider to take punishment usually restricted to those of the heavy weight class. Combined with the Potential Energy perk, a Shield Pack Raider can become a veritable god of death and destruction.

Their unlockable pack, the Jammer Pack, functions similarly to the Infiltrator's Stealth Pack, decreasing visibility at the cost of energy. While the Jammer Pack is enabled, the Raider takes on a dull gray appearance and disappears from enemy radar. In addition, both base turrets and Technician turrets are unable to target the Raider.

When either of these packs are combined with the survivalist perk, the Raider gains incredible survivability, making them very hard to kill in both indoor and outdoor situations.


Primary Weapon

Secondary Weapon


Belt Item



18000 XP or 280 Tribes Gold.


Class Roles and Tips

The Raider is a medium armor class and excels at destroying or protecting base assets. His varied weaponry and items also make the Raider a capable fighter and thus allow him to perform a variety of roles.

Main Roles: Flag Clearing, Base Offense/Defense

Flag Clearing

One of the Raider's roles is to clear the enemy flag from defenders. This is most commonly done by the class' primary weapons and the Raider's ability to survive in combat due to the Shield and Jammer Pack. The Shield Pack will allow Raiders to take around 500 damage at full energy, giving him time to successfully dispatch an array of explosives at the enemy flag. The goal of this tactic is to remove Light Turrets, Force Fields, Mines, and heavies from the flag in order to allow pathfinders to successfully capture it. If coupled with the Jammer Pack, the Raider can easily hide out in the enemy base undetected and continuously keep the enemy flag clear.

Base Offense/Defense

Due to the Raider's inherent versatility, the class makes an excellent indoors and outdoors fighter. Destroying base assets, such as turrets or radar, is a breeze with this class. Depending on your particular loadout, the Raider may be better suited for some roles than others. A Jammer Pack Raider excels at destroying turrets as they can't retaliate, and is very useful indoors where enemies have trouble avoiding ARX Buster or Grenade Launcher shots. A Shield Pack Raider is arguably the single most powerful dueling item, and therefore allows the Raider to excel at defending a generator, flag carrier, or flag stand from attackers.


Weapon Choice

ARX Buster, Grenade Launcher and Plasma Gun: With its high range and bonus damage to armored targets the Arx Buster is a very good weapon against base assets and tanks. However it falls short to the Grenade Launcher in any other category. Direct hits are very hard to land on infantry, however, and it is very easy for the enemy to evade the blinking, beeping stickies when they are on the ground. The Arx Buster's ineffectiveness on infantry is less of a problem in tight corridors and other confined spaces where clustered groups of enemies can be devastated by the ARX Buster whereas Grenade Launcher shots might bounce past them. The 'Buster's arcing shots can be used to engage enemies that are on a higher level and out of sight. The Grenade Launcher on the other hand is much better for flag stand clearing which should be the main purpose of the Raider. The five grenade magazine (This upgrade is crucial) gives it superior area denial abilities. The function of rollers make it a devastating indoors weapon capable of easily damaging enemies around corners and grenades are at least a little more subtle than Stickies, making it easier to lure enemies into grenades lying on the ground. The Grenade Launcher does respectable damage against armored targets itself and especially with the jammer pack this is very easy to apply, making the range advantage of the Arx Buster less significant. While the Plasma Gun can fire and have its projectile be unaffected by gravity, it also blows up on contact with anything making it easier to hit an enemy with out them jet packing away like they can do against the ARX Buster and Grenade Launcher. The Plasma Gun however does less damage then both ARX Buster and the Grenade Launcher.

NJ4 SMG versus NJ5-B SMG: The NJ4 SMG is the starter weapon for the raider, whereas the NJ5-B has to be purchased. The NJ5-B does more damage per shot but the NJ4 has a higher damage output per second. The major difference lies in the range of both weapons. The NJ4 best suited for medium range and the NJ5-B performs best at medium to long range due to its low damage fall-off and the fact it's usable while scoped. This makes the NJ5-B perfect for finishing off fleeing enemies but due to its lower DPS it's less suited for direct combat than it's smaller brother.

Belt Item

EMP Grenade, Blackout Grenade, Cluster Grenade and EMP Grenade XL: The EMP grenade has about the same damage and radius as the Explosive Nitron but with the added effect of energy drain. The XL variant has even less damage than the standard one but a significantly larger blast radius. Major disadvantages with EMPs are the small damage and the visibility of the grenade when thrown, making them easy to evade or tank through. The Blackout Grenade gives the Raider a whole new tool, aiding in base asset destruction as well as when fighting multiple enemies, as the grenade removes HUD markers that make tracking much easier. In addition, the blackout grenade can be used for concussive jumping with minimal health cost. The Cluster Grenade is the strongest thrown weapon for the Raider and can kill any class. It is good indoors and outdoors since it has a very large blast radius but it is extremely dangerous to yourself if thrown too close to your person. It also does high damage to base assets and vehicles, making it an effective, well-rounded choice.


Shield Pack versus Jammer Pack: The Shield Pack increases the Raiders durability by a significant deal giving him a possible edge in many situations and notably increasing his ability to duel with enemies. This pack is a safe go to for any Raider.

The Jammer Pack is useful against a team with many Technicians as it can nullify all turrets and the sensor making it easy for the Raider to do his job against constant repairs. In addition to that it can be used to sneak in on the enemy base. While the pack makes the model itself often easier visible it removes the marker. This makes it easy to get close to many enemies. However the Jammer Pack is useless when the Raider has been spotted.

Additionally, the Jammer Pack is very useful for generator defense against Infiltrators, because removes their cloak within a several meter radius, in the same manner as the Sentinel's Drop Jammer. A raider can feel safe entering an infiltrated room knowing that the tables have been turned and it is now the Infiltrator that faces certain death.

Both packs require careful energy management.

Perk Choice

Primary Perks:

Ultra Capacitor I: This perk is a safe bet, especially with the energy consuming shield pack.

Looter: The jammer raider running out of ammunition with the ARX buster can be a serious problem. This helps keep your ammo stocks high while also resupplying the raider's very useful grenades.

Secondary Perks:

Potential Energy: Very useful when combined with the shield pack to keep energy high. One can learn to time switching the shield on and off to absorb some shots, let potential energy convert some energy which powers the shield again. This can massively increase your survivability.

Survivalist: Both of the Raider's packs are high on energy use, the Shield Pack in particular. Having a reliable source of both health and energy is a godsend indoors or while dueling.

Egocentric: A possible alternative to Raiders who inflict a lot of self-damage upon themselves, Egocentric is also useful for its last upgrade: no blackout effect on self, ensuring that accidentally being within the range of your own grenade does not put you at a severe disadvantage.

Quick Draw: Having the extra speed in switching weapons can be crucial when clearing the flag stand and dueling enemy defenders at the same time. If your capper is about to come in you can continue spamming the stand with grenades while quickly switching to the SMG to pester defenders and hopefully get their attention on you, drawing them away from the flag.


Gameplay videos

Primary weapons guide(Thanks to Yamiks)

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