Motion Mine

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Motion Mine
General information
Type: Deployable explosive
Slot: Belt
Class: Sentinel
Damage: 700
Max simultaneously placed: 3 (4 with Safety Third)
Carry capacity: 1 (2 upgraded) (3 with Safety Third)
Gold cost: 240
XP cost: 21,000
The motion mine detonates in a 360 degree radius, but only on enemies traveling at over 120kp/h. It has slightly smaller range than a claymore, but covers a larger area.— In-game description

The Motion Mine is an unlockable belt item for the Sentinel class. They are speed-triggered mines with a omnidirectional blast radius and moderate damage. The mines will detonate only when an enemy player passes over them while going 120km/h or faster.




Upgrade 1: +1 ammo.
Upgrade 2: +10% radius.
Upgrade 3: +20% damage versus armored targets.


  • The motion mine is suited almost exclusively to flag defense, as using them for any other purpose will likely be difficult. They should be placed in key areas that flag runners will likely pass through at high speeds, but not directly on the flag stand itself, as they are easily cleared with a single shot from an explosive weapon.
  • These mines can be used to aid the HoF by placing them in areas the HoF is unable or unlikely to cover with his own mines. In addition, the likelihood of them being set off accidentally on another enemy is low due the 120kp/h trigger.

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