Juggernaut MK I

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Juggernaut MK I
Diamond Sword Juggernaut.jpg
A Diamond Sword wearing Juggernaut MK I armor.
General information
Armor typeHeavy
Upgrade information
Upgrade 1+100 health
Upgrade 2-25% health regeneration delay
Upgrade 3+10 energy
Upgrade 4+25% health regeneration rate
Upgrade 5+100 health
Tribes GoldFree
Experience pointsFree

The Juggernaut MK I armor is a general stat booster giving armor and energy bonuses.


Upgrade 1: +100 health.
Upgrade 2: -25% health regeneration delay.
Upgrade 3: +10 energy.
Upgrade 4: +25% health regeneration rate.
Upgrade 5: +100 health.

Unlock price

Free with starter class.