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Two of the most unique gameplay elements present in Tribes: Ascend are Skiing and the Jetpack. Skill with both of these mechanics can drastically determine how well your survival lasts in the Wilderzone. It is recommended to take the time and explore the multiple skiing tutorials present in Tribes: Ascend before entering your first game.


Main article: Skiing
Skiing downhill. Note the speed meters on either side of the screen.

Skiing is done by holding the ski button (default: spacebar). When activated, all friction between you and the world is turned off. Skiing does not drain your energy and can be activated at any time. It is also possible to adjust your direction slightly by strafing left or right while skiing, but it's almost negligible. Use the terrain to your advantage while skiing; the basic principle is to ski down slopes while Jetpacking up them, always trying to land on the next "backslope" to keep your momentum and build more and more speed. Learning how to ski effectively in Tribes is essential to traversing the larger maps.

Acceleration while skiing is dependent on armor type. Light armors accelerate the fastest, and Heavy armors accelerate the slowest.

There are currently two training maps available: Ski tutorial and Ski challenge.

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Main article: Jetpack
Active Jetpack and Skis

The Jetpack is a very important tool used in all Tribes games. In order to activate the Jetpack, the player must click and hold the right mouse button. This utility increases acceleration by flying up and over hills before skiing down them. The Jetpack can also be used in small bursts to evade explosive rounds such as Spinfusor disks. In addition, the Jetpack can also be used to reach heights that would otherwise not be accessible. While skiing does not decrease your energy pool, Jetpacking does. Heavy classes burn energy at a much larger rate than Medium and Lights, making them less mobile than other weight classes. It is also worth noting that Medium armored classes can usually Jetpack longer than any other armor classes due to a larger energy reservoir.

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Health regeneration[edit]

Health regeneration causes you to regain all your health rapidly if you avoid taking damage for a brief period of time (15 seconds). This is shown as a green glow enveloping the player model and weapon. Any damage taken will reset the timer and delay the regeneration process, this includes fall damage. Health regeneration can be forced to start by using a base inventory station, using a call-in supply station will not. Holding a flag will disable health regeneration and the only way to regain health while carrying a flag is through the survivalist perk.

Equipment such as the Juggernauts Health Regen Pack decreases the time it takes for the regeneration to start.