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There are six different types of weapon classes (Impact, Timed, Automatic, Specialty, Close Quarters, and Sidearms), and your options in each category change depending on your armor class. Classes may select three weapons, one from each weapon class, for each loadout (with the exception of Heavy Armor, which can equip four weapons).

Light Armor[edit]

Weapons for Light Armor tend to be less powerful than their heavier counterparts, but are still powerful in the hands of a skilled player. Light Armor is the only armor class that can use sniper rifles and the Shocklance.

Medium Armor[edit]

Weapons for Medium Armor tend to be well-rounded, powerful but versatile. Medium Armor is the only armor class that can use Enhanced Repair Tools or ELF Projectors.

Heavy Armor[edit]

Weapons for Heavy Armor tend to be incredibly powerful, if not slow and a tad sluggish. Heavy armor is the only armor class that can equip four weapons instead of three, and has access to the Saber Launcher.

Belt Items[edit]

Each armor class carries their own set of belt items, usually Grenades of some kind, but even Mines and Sensors fit in this slot.


Packs Give the class a special ability or passive bonus. Packs like Thrust and Shield Pack have to be manually activated when needed, while passive packs like Energy Pack and Utility Pack are always on and don't need user input to work. Deployables also fit into this slot.


Each Armor Class has different passive bonuses, as well as different health, energy, and health regen delays.


Currently there are eleven Skins available. Skins are a cosmetic change only.

All the classes have a skin.