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View the full list of all Equipment


Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons define the class you play. The primary weapon will be used most of the time and they are generally stronger than any secondary weapon.

Secondary Weapon

Secondary Weapons are often complimentary to your primary weapon, working as a "finisher" or backup weapon.

Belt Items

Each class carry their own set of belt items, usually Grenades of some kind, but even Mines and Sensors fit in this slot.


Packs Give the class a special ability or passive bonus. Packs like Thrust and Shield Pack have to be manually activated when needed, while passive packs like Energy Pack and Health Regen Pack are always on and don't need user input to work. Deployables also fit into this slot.


The Armor slot contains the class armor kit. It can be upgraded for general bonuses to Energy or lowering the Health regen delay.


Currently there are no Skins available. Skins are thought to be a cosmetic change only and won't add any gameplay bonuses to the player.