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Each player carries a laser targeting gun and with enough Credits they may call-in support from the skies. There are currently three call-in options: Tactical strike, Supply drop and Orbital strike. There is no maximum range on the laser, so it's possible to drop strikes from across the entire map. After using a call-in there is a delay before you may trigger it again.

Tactical strike

The Tactical strike is the most direct call-in. It has a short targeting time and fires three energy missiles(?) on the target. Each hit does 10000 damage.

It's often used for quickly clearing a flag stand or to destroy a Beowulf.

Cost: 4000 Credits

Supply drop

Supply Drop Inventory Station.png

Calling in a Supply drop will cause an inventory station to drop at the targeted location. These inventory stations are identical to the ones you can find within your base, with the exception that they do not force your health regeneration to start. They are also independent of the generator and will continue to operate even if it gets destroyed but like deployables they have a health bar and take damage from any weapon including melee

It is possible to use the Supply drop as a weapon, it will kill anything it collides with on impact. If you call it right under you and use jetpack before the station lands, it will clip through you.

Cost: 2000 Credits

Orbital strike

Orbital strike is the most expensive and powerful call-in. It has a longer targeting time than the Tactical strike and once called for, it takes another few seconds before the bombardment begins. It has a huge range and lasts much longer than its smaller counterpart. Each hit from the many lasers that rain down from the sky deals 10,000 damage. After an orbital is activated, an air raid siren will play giving players a ~3 second warning before the bombardment begins.

The large radius is the main feature of the Orbital. It can easily clear out a whole defense along with all the deployables in a flash.

Cost: 10,000 Credits