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General information
Armor typeHeavy
Health2400 (2600)
Energy80 (85)
Tribes Gold280
Experience points9000
A heavy hitter with strong but basic weapons, the Brute prefers a direct approach to combat, soaking up damage and dishing out punishment.— In-game description

The Brute class in Tribes Ascend is a master at combat. He sports several weapons that are extremely powerful in the right hands, allowing him to dole out significant punishment to his foes. His default weapon of choice is the Heavy Spinfusor, a stronger variant of the Soldier Spinfusor. The Brute lacks a clearly defined role; he is well equipped for base attack, base defense, or flag defense. As a heavy, the Brute suffers the same limitations as other heavy classes, moving slowly with a slow energy regeneration. A common strategy for the Brute is to take control of indoor locations, taking advantage of the class's area-of-denial abilities and strong hitting weapons to punish any foes foolish enough to challenge him.

The Brute class can be unlocked for 9000 XP (or 280 Tribes Gold). When unlocked you start out with the Heavy Spinfusor, Automatic Shotgun, Fractal Grenade, and Energy Pack.


Primary Weapon[edit]

Secondary Weapon[edit]


Belt Item[edit]



The following table lists the cost of all items available to the Brute class.


Class Roles and Tips[edit]

Base Attack[edit]

Brutes have many tools available to make them effective at attacking an enemy base. Indoor locations, such as tight corridors and small rooms, allow the Fractal Grenades to be extremely effective. Take out the enemy Generator in order to cripple the enemy's defensive equipment, then keep enemy defense occupied, attacking Technicians and any other players that attempt to repair the Generator. Any primary weapon is extremely effective at damaging the Generator. You have an advantage indoors as long as the Generator is down, as it is difficult for a class in medium armor to duel a Brute and come out alive. When performed correctly, a Brute assaulting the base can easily rack up a ton of kills, contributing credits toward strikes that can cripple the enemy flagstand, and keep a defense occupied and frustrated so that they cannot properly defend their flag.

The Brute can also attack the enemy flagstand directly, distracting the defense by throwing his Fractal Grenades, forcing the enemy Heavy on Flag and other defenders to move off the stand for a few seconds, which can be critical for a successful grab attempt. Harass the enemy defenders, but keep in mind the Brute's limitations; the Brute excels at indoor combat, so he will be very vulnerable when attacking the enemy flagstand, which is usually outdoors.

Base Defense[edit]

The Brute's many combat tools also make him great at defensive roles. The Heavy Spinfusor, if it hits directly, can one-shot kill an Infiltrator that reveals himself, making the Brute a potent Generator defender. Fractal Grenades can also sniff out an Infiltrator if he is unlucky enough to be caught in the blast. The Brute can also go toe-to-toe with a Raider, especially if the Brute has the Heavy Shield Pack equipped. This gives the Brute a much higher survivability rate than the Raider. You may consider switching out your secondary weapon for the Repair Tool, as this will allow you to repair damaged assets if a Technician is not available.

Heavy on Flag[edit]

While this role is normally allotted to a Doombringer, a Brute can also be effective in this role. While the class lacks defensive tools such as the Force Field and Mines, the Brute has a powerful Spinfusor, and if he remains alert, he will be able to annihilate incoming Pathfinders with one shot. Using the Nova Colt as a secondary is highly recommended in this role as the Brute has no other alternatives to engage if a quickly moving enemy manages to get away with the flag. The Super Heavy Perk is recommended but not required for this role.

General Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • When playing in a crowded indoor area with lots of enemies, throw Fractal Grenades to pin your opponents down and trap them in a corner. If enemy players are within the radius of the grenade they will be killed, and if they are trapped in the corner, they are easy targets for your Spinfusor. Keep in mind that enemies can use their jetpack to hover above the fractal explosions.
  • As a Heavy class, your mobility is limited, but the default Brute is equipped with the Energy Pack, giving him an additional 35 energy (when upgraded). Use this energy to your advantage in combat, especially against other heavies.
  • You can snipe unsuspecting Sentinels with your Spinfusor. If they are stationary and not looking at you, zoom in, and then fire a disc shot. In about 5 seconds you'll see the fruits of your labor, and watch the Sentinel's body go flying.
  • If you are having trouble destroying the enemy Generator, you can destroy base turrets/sensors from a safe distance with your Spinfusor, making the generator effective useless. You can also do this to clear the enemy flag stand.


Weapon Choice[edit]


Heavy Spinfusor: The Heavy Spinfusor is the most powerful Spinfusor in the game, dealing a massive amount of damage on direct hit that will one-shot kill a light class and deal about 90% of a medium class's health in one hit. The Heavy Spinfusor excels in indoor combat where the ability to dodge shots is very difficult. Every shot will cripple a class's health pool, and combined with the Brute's survivability, the Heavy Spinfusor makes the Brute a very strong dueling class. If a Brute can compensate his weakness - mobility - then he should win almost all duels when using this weapon.

Gladiator: A unique weapon for the Brute, the Gladiator fires a sticky explosive that detonates in three stages, with each consecutive stage being a weaker explosive with a larger radius. The Gladiator is not adept for dueling but is very effective in destroying base assets. It explodes immediately if stuck to an enemy player. Use this weapon if you are skilled with other sticky explosive weapons such as the ARX Buster or Jackal. This weapon is great for base assault.

Devastator Spinfusor: A variant of the Heavy Spinfusor, the Devastator Spinfusor has the highest damage output among Spinfusor weapons when direct-hitting an opponent. It deals more damage on direct-hit and has a slightly larger splash radius, but deals less damage with its splash damage, rewarding accuracy and skill. The Devastator is also the most effective weapon for sniping enemy base assets behind only the Juggernaut's mortars, quickly eliminating default Base Turrets in 3 discs and the default Radar Sensor with a single disc.


Automatic Shotgun: The default secondary weapon for the Brute, the Automatic Shotgun is a hitscan weapon, meaning that no lead is required when aiming at a target. With relatively weak range and damage, the Automatic Shotgun should be used to finish off close opponents when they are at low health. Since it sports automatic fire, this weapon can pump out a lot of rounds quickly, but it is very rare that every shot will land on an enemy unless they are a Heavy.

Plasma Cannon: The plasma cannon fires gigantic, slow moving balls of energy that deal a large amount of damage on contact. The Plasma Cannon reigns king indoors, where dodging large projectiles is very difficult. Used correctly, the Plasma Cannon is the ultimate generator room destroyer, able to kill light armors in two shots, mediums in three, and heavies in five. It is significantly weaker in outdoor combat against more nimble opponents.

Nova Colt: The Nova Colt sports a small clip and relatively weak damage, but makes up for it in accuracy, as it is a hitscan weapon. It is best used as a finishing weapon, as it can hit targets quickly and effectively, but can not deal enough damage to serve as a primary killer. Switch the Nova Colt when you've damaged an enemy to around 20% of their health, and blast them with a barrage of pistol shots. If using the Quick Draw perk another effective use for the Nova Colt is to use your spinfusor against grounded targets and use the Nova Colt on all airborne targets. If timed correctly you can maximise your outdoor damage output by firing your Heavy Spinfusor then immediately switching to your Nova Colt for at least 3 seconds so that your Heavy Spinfusor will be automatically reloaded, at which point you continue using the Nova Colt until the opportunity arises to make a good spinfusor shot.

The Hammer: The brother to the Automatic Shotgun, the Hammer is a slightly modified variant. It suffers a smaller clip size but deals more damage on hit, making it slightly more effective than the original Automatic Shotgun for quick duels and finishing off wounded enemies, but causing it to suffer when spammed.

Belt Item[edit]

Fractal Grenade: The fractal serves as area denial, shooting lasers in random directions in a wide radius around the grenade. The fractal lasts only a few seconds, but in that time it will annihilate almost anything that enters its radius. The Fractal Grenade serves a great purpose when denying access to the flag stands or indoor generator rooms; when deployed against a group of enemies the Brute is almost certain to receive a double or even triple kill from the process. Two fractals can be deployed at a time, increasing their denial area and causing confusion amongst enemies. When a fractal laser hits an enemy, they receive a small knockback, which can lead to being bounced into more fractal lasers, or even into a generator pit. Care must be taken NOT to enter the radius until it is finally safe. It is impossible to differentiate between ally and enemy Fractal Grenades, so avoiding them all is the best bet.

Fractal Grenades enjoy a humorous distinction as "discos", as they shoot lasers in random directions resembling a disco ball. A room filled with Fractal Grenades can affectionately be described as a "dance floor", and it is often advised that you stay away from the dance floor unless death is your wish.

Light Sticky Grenade: A variant of the Infiltrator Sticky Grenades, the Light Sticky Grenade is a less effective version in combat as it does less damage to players, but it deals more damage to base assets and vehicles. This weapon adds a base assault role for the Brute, allowing him to dispose of the enemy Generator (when not upgraded) with two grenades and a Spinfusor shot. However, this grenade is often not recommended; Fractal Grenades provide much more versatility and utility as area denial is a unique role that cannot be filled by any other tool in the game, and the Infiltrator can provide a much more effective use of sticky grenades.

Extended Fractal Grenade: A variant of the Fractal Grenade, the Extended Fractal Grenade deals less damage but has a slightly longer duration. The color of the laser is yellow instead of green, allowing this grenade to contribute new and exciting energy to a dance party.


Energy Pack: The extra energy provided by this pack provides the Brute with extra mobility, allowing him to use his jets longer and with greater efficiency. This will benefit the Brute when attempting to cross maps more quickly, allowing him to attain higher speeds.

Survival Pack: This is a rather "jack of all trades" pack, providing increases to health, energy, movement, and regeneration. This pack is good for all situations, but does not provided maximum benefit in any area. The additional health will help win more duels, and the extra run speed will increase the ability to strafe around incoming enemy fire.

Heavy Shield Pack: The Heavy Shield Pack adds additional survivability to the Brute, similar to the Raider's Shield Pack. The Brute can protect his health pool at the expense of his energy, which limits mobility in combat and prevents him from utilizing his jets to protect himself. This pack excels indoors where it is not necessary to be as mobile as possible.

Perk Choice[edit]

Primary Perks[edit]

Ultra Capacitor I: Great in combination with the Perk Ultra Capacitor II, this perk gives you a good amount of energy to use with the Heavy Shield Pack. The extra energy will provide a longer survivability for the Brute, frustrating opponents with their inability to kill him. This can also be used to give more mobility to the Brute, allowing him to jet for longer periods of time.

Safety Third: With this perk on, the Brute can carry an extra belt item, increasing his fractal count to 3, and his light sticky grenade count to 4. The Brute becomes very versatile at base assault with this perk, being able to shut down a massive area for a few seconds with his fractals, and can take down base assets with ease with an extra sticky grenade.

Looter: Use this perk if you are adept at staying alive for long periods of time and require ammo drops. Great in combination with Survivalist, Looter will ensure that you never run out of ammo and always have health and energy to spare in fights.

Bounty Hunter: As the Brute is a primary killing class, with multiple weapons of destruction at his disposal, Bounty Hunter will ensure the ability to reap the maximum benefit for your triumphs. Use the extra credits to rain strikes on your foes to clean up flagstands or annihilate the enemy defenses. If your team has competent Technicians you may also consider using your credits to upgrade base assets - A Brute playing particularly well can often max out their team's base upgrades almost single-handedly.

Secondary Perks[edit]

Ultra Capacitor II: Just more energy to use.

Potential Energy: Seeing as it will take a long time for energy to regenerate for the heavy this is a must have perk for the Brute. If you are under fire and using the Heavy shield Pack this is a great combination with the Potential Energy perk. With this perk on you can quickly get back energy to keep a fight going.

Survivalist: Survivalist provides a great advantage to Brutes that choose to fight inside the enemy's base, and in close quarters situations. With Fractal Grenades often killing multiple enemies at once, plenty of ammo drops will be available, especially in a hectic generator room battle. The additional health and energy provided by ammo packs will allow the Brute to keep himself well supplied and ready to continue in a long, drawn out fight.

Quick Draw: Given that the Brute shines in anti-personnel combat (indoors at least), this perk must be considered. In addition to its utility for finishing, ranging and sustained DPS (Damage-Per-Second) via reload chaining, Quick Draw also makes a Brute capable of extremely high burst DPS, especially in indoor combat where direct hits are more frequent. By eliminating threats faster, Quick Draw can be more effective than Survivalist in certain situations; when an enemy is killed his (non-Aftermath) DPS becomes zero; when killed more quickly with less (or no) return fire, the damage not dealt to you, and thus the health you conserved, may be greater than than the amount you would have regained with Survivalist after absorbing some return fire.


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