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Badges are awards that are granted to players for achieving certain milestones and accomplishments in Tribes: Ascend. They are awarded the moment they are earned, and add an amount of XP directly to the player, the amount increasing as the level of the badge increases. Unlike Accolades, they do not award credits, but are often achieved by Accolades, and as such still award the normal amount of credits for that Accolade. Additionally, the XP earned from Badges does not contribute toward the leveling up of equipment.

XP gained depends on the level of the badge received:

Level XP
I 250
II 500
III 1000
IV 3000


Badge Bronze Silver Gold Obsidian Awarded for
Tour of Duty Badge.tourofduty.bronze.jpg 1 Match Completed Badge.tourofduty.silver.jpg 50 Matches Completed 500 Matches Completed Badge.tourofduty.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Matches Completed Entering a match and playing until one side is victorious.
Tribal Warrior Badge.tribalwarrior.bronze.jpg 50 Kills Badge.tribalwarrior.silver.jpg 500 Kills 4,000 Kills Badge.tribalwarrior.obsidian.jpg 10,000 Kills Total enemies killed.
Utility Belt Badge.utilitybelt.bronze.jpg
5 Belt Item Kills
50 Belt Item Kills
250 Belt Item Kills
1,000 Belt Item Kills
Kill an enemy with an explosive belt item.
Wingman Badge.wingman.bronze.jpg
5 Assist Kills
50 Assist Kills
250 Assist Kills
1,000 Assist Kills
Assist a teammate in killing an enemy by dealing a fair but not overwhelming amount of damage.
One Man Army Badge.onemanarmy.bronze.jpg 5 Killing Sprees Badge.onemanarmy.silver.jpg 50 Killing Sprees 250 Killing Sprees Badge.onemanarmy.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Killing Sprees Sprees of any kind.
Multi Kill Badge.multikill.bronze.jpg 5 Multi Kills Badge.multikill.silver.jpg 50 Multi Kills 250 Multi Kills Badge.multikill.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Multi Kills Multi-Kills of any number.
Martial Artist Badge.martialartist.bronze.jpg 5 Melee Kills Badge.martialartist.silver.jpg 50 Melee Kills 250 Melee Kills Badge.martialartist.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Melee Kills Melee Kills.
Deadeye Badge.deadeye.bronze.jpg 5 Mid-Air Explosive Kills Badge.deadeye.silver.jpg 50 Mid-Air Explosive Kills 250 Mid-Air Explosive Kills Badge.deadeye.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Mid-Air Explosive Kills Use an explosive weapon on an enemy and kill them in mid-air.
Marksman badge.marksman.bronze.jpg
5 Headshots
50 Headshots
250 Headshots
1,000 Headshots
Killing opponents via headshot. One of the harder badges to complete as headshots are almost entirely random given the speed of combat.
Badge Bronze Silver Gold Obsidian Awarded for
Flag Capper Badge.flagcapper.bronze.jpg 5 Flags Captured Badge.flagcapper.silver.jpg 50 Flags Captured 250 Flags Captured Badge.flagcapper.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Flags Captured Grab the enemy flag and bring it your stand and capture it.
Flag Defender Badge.flagdefender.bronze.jpg 5 Flags Defended Badge.flagdefender.silver.jpg 50 Flags Defended 250 Flags Defended Badge.flagdefender.obsidian.jpg 1,000 Flags Defended Return your flag after the enemy capper has dropped it by touching it.
Speed Runner Badge.speedrunner.bronze.jpg
1 Hi Speed Grab
25 Hi Speed Grabs
100 Hi Speed Grabs
500 Hi Speed Grabs
Grab the enemy flag at high speeds, minimum 135 kph.
Power Player Badge.powerplayer.bronze.jpg
5 Generators Destroyed
25 Generators Destroyed
200 Generators Destroyed
600 Generators Destroyed
Destroy the enemy generator or contribute the most damage before it is destroyed.
Demoman Badge.demoman.bronze.jpg
5 Base Assets Destroyed
25 Base Assets Destroyed
200 Base Assets Destroyed
600 Base Assets Destroyed
Destroy either the enemy base turrets or sensor.
On Call Badge.oncall.bronze.jpg
5 Repairs
25 Repairs
200 Repairs
600 Repairs
Repair base assets with a repair tool.
Builder Badge.builder.bronze.jpg
5 Assets Upgraded
50 Assets Upgraded
250 Assets Upgraded
1,000 Assets Upgraded
Purchase upgrades for any base asset with credits earned during a match.
Badge Bronze Silver Gold Obsidian Awarded for
Road Rage Badge.roadrage.bronze.jpg
5 Opponents Run Over
50 Opponents Run Over
250 Opponents Run Over
1,000 Opponents Run Over
Run over/ram an enemy with a vehicle.
Barricade Badge.barricade.bronze.jpg
1 Vehicle Destroyed
25 Vehicles Destroyed
100 Vehicles Destroyed
500 Vehicles Destroyed
Destroy an enemy vehicle with explosives or by ramming another vehicle into them.
Operator Badge.operator.bronze.jpg 10 Kills w/ Vehicle Badge.operator.silver.jpg 100 Kills w/ Vehicle 1,000 Kills w/ Vehicle Badge.operator.obsidian.jpg 5,000 Kills w/ Vehicle Kill an enemy using a vehicle.
Badge Bronze Silver Gold Obsidian Awarded for
Cross Country Badge.crosscountry.bronze.jpg
1,000 Meters Skied
15,000 Meters Skied
255,000 Meters Skied
1,000,000 Meters Skied
Cross the required distance skiing along the ground.
Tactician Badge.tactician.bronze.jpg 1 Kill w/ Call-In Badge.tactician.silver.jpg 25 Kills w/ Call-In 100 Kills w/ Call-In Badge.tactician.obsidian.jpg 500 Kills w/ Call-In Kill enemies by using a Call-In.
1 Call-In
25 Call-Ins
100 Call-Ins
500 Call-Ins
Successfully use a Call-in.
Shake It Off Badge.shakeitoff.bronze.jpg
1 Complete Regen
100 Complete Regens
5,000 Complete Regens
10,000 Complete Regens
Regenerate your health to full.
Going Fast Badge.goingfast.bronze.jpg
Reach 120 KM/H
Reach 180 KM/H
Reach 250 KM/H
Reach 320 KM/H
Reach High-Speeds through skiing and self propulsion.
Badge Image Awarded for
Supply Chain Badge.supplychain.jpg Visit an Inventory Station
It Happens Badge.ithappens.jpg Death by Fall-Damage.
Beta Veteran Badge.betaveteran.jpg Reached Level 10 During The Tribes: Ascend Beta
Badge Image Awarded for Reward
Recruiter Badge.referral.recruiter.jpg 1 Referral 5,000 XP each
Friends with Benefits Badge.referrals.friendswithbenefits.jpg 10 Referrals 500 Gold
Big Talker Badge.referal.bigtalker.jpg 25 Referrals 1,000 Gold
Premium Recruiter Badge.referal.permiumrecruiter.jpg 100 Referrals 5,500 Gold + 60 Day Booster
Senior Recruiter Badge.referral.seniorrecruiter.jpg 150 Referrals 5,000 Gold
Play to Win Badge.referral.playtowin.jpg 200 Referrals 10,000 Gold
Master Recruiter Badge.referral.masterrecruiter.jpg 250 Referrals 15,000 Gold
Celebrity Badge.referal.celebrity.jpg 500 Referrals Player name posted in studio, to press, and on social media.
Weaponsmith Badge.referral.weaponsmith.jpg 1,000 Referrals Tribes Weapon named after Player.
Made Man Badge.referal.mademan.jpg 5,000 Referrals Permanent unlock of all content
Referrus Maximus Badge.referral.refferrusmaximus.jpg 10,000 Referrals All-expenses-paid trip to Hi-Rez Studios. Co-develop a map. Reveal map in video with Dev team.
Unused Referral 1 Badge.referral.unknown1.jpg Potentially early Pay To Win badge.
Unused Referral 2 Badge.referral.unknown2.jpg Potentially early Weaponsmith badge.