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Example of the Voice Command menu

The voice Game system, commonly abbreviated as VGS, allows players to efficiently communicate commands and requests on the battlefield. Players open up the VGS in-game by tapping the "V" key. This will display a menu with subcategories that allow many commands to be done with only a limited number of keys.

Below is a complete list of radio commands. The letters indicate the keys to press to get the command. For example, pressing "V", "G", "C", "A" will result in you saying "Awesome!"

Global is a unique category that allows certain commands to be heard by both teams. All other categories can only be heard by the player's team.

As of version 1.0.905.0 (11 April 2012), some commands are game-type dependent. They are marked as such below.

When the twinfusor update came, so did new voice packs, which change the way you say things and the way you sound like.


   [VGCA] Awesome!
   [VGCG] Good game
   [VGCN] Nice move!
   [VGCS] Great shot!
   [VGCY] You Rock!
   [VGRA] Any time.
   [VGRD] I don't know.
   [VGRT] Thanks.
   [VGRW] Wait.
   [VGTA] Aww, that's too bad!
   [VGTB] Is that the best you can do?
   [VGTG] I am the greatest!
   [VGTT] THAT was graceful!
   [VGTW] When will you learn?
 [VGY] Yes.
 [VGN] No.
 [VGH] Hi.
 [VGB] Bye.
 [VGO] Ooops.
 [VGQ] Quiet!
 [VGS] Shazbot!
 [VGW] Woohoo!


 [VAA] Attack!
 [VAB] Attack the enemy base!
 [VAC] Chase the enemy flag carrier!
 [VAD] Disrupt the enemy defense!
 [VAF] Get the enemy flag!
 [VAG] Destroy the enemy generator!
 [VAR] Reinforce the offense!
 [VAS] Destroy enemy sensors!
 [VAT] Destroy enemy turrets!
 [VAV] Destroy the enemy vehicle!
 [VAW] Wait for my signal before attacking!
 [VA1] (C&H Only) Attack point A!
 [VA2] (C&H Only) Attack point B!
 [VA3] (C&H Only) Attack point C!
 [VA4] (C&H Only) Attack point D!
 [VA5] (C&H Only) Attack point E!


 [VDB] Defend our base!
 [VDC] Defend the flag carrier!
 [VDE] Defend the entrances!
 [VDF] Defend our flag!
 [VDG] Defend our generator!
 [VDM] Cover me!
 [VDR] Reinforce our defense!
 [VDS] Defend our sensors!
 [VDT] Defend our turrets!
 [VDV] Defend our vehicle!
 [VD1] (C&H Only) Defend point A!
 [VD2] (C&H Only) Defend point B!
 [VD3] (C&H Only) Defend point C!
 [VD4] (C&H Only) Defend point D!
 [VD5] (C&H Only) Defend point E!


 [VRG] Repair our generator!
 [VRS] Repair our sensors!
 [VRT] Repair our turrets!
 [VRV] Repair the vehicle!


 [VBC] Our base is clear.
 [VBE] The enemy is in our base.
 [VBR] Retake our base!
 [VBS] Secure our base!


 [VCA] Acknowledged.
 [VCC] Completed.
 [VCD] Declined.
 [VCW] What's my assignment?


 [VED] The enemy is in disarray.
 [VEG] The enemy generator is destroyed.
 [VES] The enemy sensors are destroyed.
 [VET] The enemy turrets are destroyed.
 [VEV] The enemy vehicle is destroyed.


 [VFD] Defend our flag!
 [VFF] I have the flag!
 [VFG] Give me the flag!
 [VFR] Retrieve our flag!
 [VFS] Our flag is secure.
 [VFT] Take the flag from me!
 [VFQ] I'll retrieve our flag!


 [VNC] Need covering fire.
 [VND] I need a driver.
 [VNE] I need an escort.
 [VNH] Hold that vehicle! I'm coming!
 [VNR] I need a ride!
 [VNS] I need support!
 [VNV] Vehicle ready. Need a ride?
 [VNW] Where to?


   [VSAA] I will attack.
   [VSAB] I will attack the enemy base.
   [VSAF] I'll go for the enemy flag.
   [VSAG] I'll attack the enemy generator.
   [VSAS] I'll attack the enemy sensors.
   [VSAT] I'll attack the enemy turrets.
   [VSAV] I'll attack the enemy vehicle.
   [VSA1] (C&H Only) I'll attack point A.
   [VSA2] (C&H Only) I'll attack point B.
   [VSA3] (C&H Only) I'll attack point C.
   [VSA4] (C&H Only) I'll attack point D.
   [VSA5] (C&H Only) I'll attack point E.
   [VSDB] I will defend our base.
   [VSDD] I will defend.
   [VSDF] I will defend our flag.
   [VSDG] I'll defend our generator.
   [VSDS] I'll defend our sensors.
   [VSDT] I'll defend our turrets.
   [VSDV] I'll defend our vehicle.
   [VSD1] (C&H Only) I'll defend point A.
   [VSD2] (C&H Only) I'll defend point B.
   [VSD3] (C&H Only) I'll defend point C.
   [VSD4] (C&H Only) I'll defend point D.
   [VSD5] (C&H Only) I'll defend point E.
   [VSRG] I'll repair our generator.
   [VSRS] I'll repair our sensors.
   [VSRT] I'll repair our turrets.
   [VSRV] I'll repair the vehicle.
   [VSTC] I'll cover you.
   [VSTD] I'll set up defenses.
   [VSTF] I'll deploy forcefields.
   [VSTO] I'm on it.
   [VSTS] I'm deploying sensors.
   [VSTT] I'm deploying turrets.
   [VSTV] I'll get a vehicle ready.
 [Upgrade] (CTF Only)
   [VSUG] I'll upgrade our generator.
   [VSUS] I'll upgrade our sensors.
   [VSUT] I'll upgrade our base turrets.


 [VTA] Target acquired.
 [VTB] Target the enemy base! I'm in position.
 [VTD] Target destroyed.
 [VTF] Target the enemy flag! I'm in position.
 [VTM] Fire on my target!
 [VTN] I need a target painted!
 [VTS] Target the sensors! I'm in position.
 [VTT] Target the turret! I'm in position.
 [VTV] Target the vehicle! I'm in position.
 [VTW] Wait! I'll be in range soon.


 [VWE] Incoming hostiles!
 [VWV] Incoming enemy vehicle!

Very Quick[edit]

 [VVY] Yes.
 [VVN] No.
 [VVA] Anytime.
 [VVB] Is our base secure?
 [VVC] Cease fire!
 [VVD] I don't know.
 [VVH] Help!
 [VVM] Move!
 [VVS] Sorry.
 [VVT] Thanks.
 [VVW] Wait.

Upgrade (CTF Only)[edit]

 [VUG] Upgrade our generator!
 [VUS] Upgrade our sensors!
 [VUT] Upgrade our base turrets!


Many players use VGS commands in unintended ways which are nevertheless understood by convention.

The intended use of the command "VFF" ("I have the flag!") is not very useful as the HUD displays the current flag holder anyway. Many players instead use this to communicate that they are about to grab the enemy flag at high speed, and that teammates should therefore not take the flag themselves. "VSAF" ("I'll go for the enemy flag") can also be used in this way.

If a player who called for the flag using the above "VFF" or "VSAF" fails in the attempt of their run at the flag (from losing speed, knocked off course, death etc.) they may use "VGS" ("Shazbot") or "VGO" ("Oops") and "VAF" ("Get the enemy flag!") to indicate that their run failed and someone else is free to go for the flag.

The command "VFS" ("Our flag is secure.") is sometimes used by a player after an enemy drops the flag to say that he plans to defend the flag at its current position, rather than return it to the flag stand. Teammates should not return the flag unless another enemy is about to take it, or another teammate has the enemy flag is nearing the flag stand for a capture. In the latter case, the command "VFR" ("Retrieve our flag!") is used to override the earlier VFS.

VGS Soundboard[edit]

Practice your VGS skills at http://ragbinder.deviantart.com/art/VGS-soundboard-288692906. Click on the VGS window and then use your keyboard to type in the commands.