Titan Launcher

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Titan Launcher
General information
Type: Explosive Projectile
Slot: Secondary
Class: Doombringer
Damage: 812
Damage (Splash): 600-300
Damage vs. Generator: 937
Damage vs. Base structure: 1120
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 1120
Damage vs. Beowulf: 1120
Damage vs. Shrike: 2155
Magazine size: 1
Carried ammo: 21
Attack interval: 2.25
Reload time: 1.7
Gold cost: 240
XP cost: 21,000
The Titan is a dumb-fire rocket that travels in a straight line. It's designed with a very short fuse, to aid in mid-air supression, and explodes on any surface contact.— In-game description

The Titan Launcher is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Doombringer class, replacing the Saber Launcher. It does less damage than the Saber Launcher but has a larger explosion radius and is better adapted for dueling. Rather than a Spinfusor whose projectile travels until it strikes something, the Titan missiles explode in midair, reducing their range but allowing for easier mid-air hits.




Upgrades are included in the weapon infobox.

Upgrade 1: +5 ammo (16 total)
Upgrade 2: +15% damage vs armored targets
Upgrade 3: +5 ammo (21 total)


  • Flag Defense With 800 base health, a properly timed rocket on the flag stand can heavily wound light armor flag runners. However, it cannot be relied on as the sole method of killing incoming cappers, and should be coupled with the Doombringer's Force Field and Chain Gun to deliver the additional damage required for a kill. One may also wish to err on the side of firing too early, as the Titan Launcher does change its target's velocity upon a hit, and the last thing a flag defender wants to do is give the opposition a much-needed speed boost from the flag (unless it's right into a Force Field or the Doombringer himself).
  • Dueling The Titan Launcher also provides the Doombringer with an effective weapon for engaging light to medium classes indoors thanks to its splash damage. Note, however, that it has both a lower direct hit and splash damage, as well as a longer firing interval, than either of the Brute's spinfusors. All else considered equal, the Titan Launcher should not be considered sufficient to deal with opposing Brutes. Drawing them out to the structure's entrance leaves them vulnerable to the Launcher while giving the Doombringer the room to maneuver — far better if a more maneuverable class should do so, such as a Raider lobbing Grenades.
  • Aiming The Titan Launcher missile does not utilize a proximity fuse, rather triggering entirely based upon time in flight like a flak cannon. Practice is hence required to gauge the correct distance to a target if one is going to attempt a midair kill with this weapon. Remember to account for inherited velocity, as moving forward will increase the range while moving backwards will decrease it.
  • Anti-Vehicle While the Saber's tracking missiles give a competent Shrike pilot plenty of time to evade, a direct Titan hit on a ramming bird already wounded by the Chain Gun is likely to be destroyed or its pilot forced to land and repair, giving time for a more agile class to track and destroy it. Since the Shrike is quite fast, one should not expect the mid-air terminal explosion to catch the vehicle, instead substituting the Chain Gun. The Launcher is a reasonably effective defense against Grav Cycles, although again the terminal explosion is ineffective. Beowulf tanks are able to wipe the floor with slow, range-limited Titan-equipped Doombringers, and should be avoided entirely.

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