Throwing Knives

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Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives.jpg
General information
Type: Explosive Projectile
Slot: Secondary
Class: Infiltrator
Damage: 375 (872 DPS)
Damage (Splash): 100
Damage vs. Generator: 300
Damage vs. Base structure: 0
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 0
Damage vs. Beowulf: 0
Damage vs. Shrike: 243
Magazine size: 5
Carried ammo: 31
Reload type: Clip
Attack interval: 0.43
Reload time: 1.19
Gold cost: 420
XP cost: 37,500
Throwing knives deal impressive damage on a direct hit, and have a small splash damage radius as well.— In-game description

The Throwing Knives are an unlockable secondary weapon for the Infiltrator class, replacing the SN7 Silenced Pistol. They are a straight-firing projectile weapon with small splash radius and no damage falloff at range. Compared to the SN7, the Throwing Knives offer greater damage and range at the expense of fire rate and magazine capacity.


Throwing knives stats.png


Upgrade 1: +10 ammo (41 total)
Upgrade 2: -30% reload time.
Upgrade 3: +1 clip size (6 total)


  • Throwing Knives make a great alternative to a player who can aim effectively. While a weapon like the SN7 is more forgiving if a player misses, the knives do more damage and encourage accurate aim over "spray and pray." Because they also have a larger hitbox, it makes it a bit easier to connect with than the SN7.
  • Because they have excellent accuracy over range, they can be used to assassinate Sentinels from long range. An easy way to do this is line up the crosshairs to quickly throw three knives. The first two will most likely hit but they will usually dodge the third one after taking damage. Eventually they will either stop moving so you can easily finish them with a third knife or go somewhere to heal where you can take them down in stealth.

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