Temple Ruins

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Temple Ruins
General information
Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Theme: Volcanic
Max Players: 32

Temple Ruins is a CTF map added in the 0.1.789 patch. It takes place in a volcanic region with two abandoned Children of Phoenix temples converted into bases.

It was removed temporarily from the matchmaking rotation after it was discovered that players could exit the map by exploiting a bug in the terrain. Additionally, the community had some concerns over the bases being too easy to defend. However, the map has now been changed added back to the rotation. The map has also been changed again with the twinfusor update, making the generator room layout different (it used to have 2 layers, accessible by conduits with the generator on the bottom. Now the generator is surrounded by rectangular, solid objects). In addition, the map was reduced in size, the bases were placed upon hills and moved to establish a more straight-forward route between the bases (as opposed to the S shaped path between the bases that existed before).


As of patch 0.1.789, there are gaps behind the chutes leading to the generator room. These can be used to get out of the playing area.


Key locations[edit]


Offensive Tactics[edit]

Start Here on this hill

For Infiltrators entering the Generator room: If the shaft closest to your base(The one on the left if approaching) isn't your best option, then get on top of the hill that is line with the enemy flag stand and charge up your energy. After you ready to go, activate your cloak and ski down (make sure you do not go over 170 km/h or you will appear) to the back of the enemy base. Uncloak and recharge your energy. Then cloak and go down the other shaft(The one on the right if approaching). You should have close to full energy left and be ready to deal some damage.

Defensive Tactics[edit]

Vehicle Tactics[edit]


Beowulf Tank[edit]