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Badge progress[edit]

It appears you can obtain progress towards certains badges without actually doing what you're supposed to do to get it. For instance, even though I have never ever bought or used a vehicle in-game, I have Bronze-level Operator badge (vehicles kill) with, apparently, 61 vehicle kills (maybe if you get an assist on a kill ultimately made by someone in a vehicle?).

In any case, if anyone out there has the information on how certain badges can get progress "in an off-hand way", I think it might be relevant to add that to the article, if only to dissipate confusion and curiosity. I for one have been puzzled by that ever since a mysterious Operator 1 badge popped in my face in-game after I got a thumper kill...

[I believe the vehicle kills and destruction of vehicles (but not run-overs?) include deployable turrets. Were you playing Technician by any chance?]

Award XP[edit]

I'm not sure what the award given for each rank of the Badge IS, honestly. I've seen as low as 500 XP and as high as 2000, and I have no idea what the highest level is, does anyone have that information yet? Enigma, The Ace 19:15, 10 March 2012 (UTC)

  • EDIT: Having earned some of them, up to Obsidian, I'm rather sure it goes 500 XP, 1000XP, 2000XP, then finally 3000XP. I could be wrong, or they could vary between awards, but that's what I've found.

At least some I believe give 1500 XP so that scale might be inaccurate.

I believe that there are different images for different levels of the badges, so eventually the page will need to be reorganized to reflect the different images. leadingrunner

Badges are affected by VIP/Boost so keep that in mind.

Award Info[edit]

Just start collecting hard data on the Awards I suppose (I'm not good at editing wiki pages) but I'll supply the info I have available to me.


  • Tour of Duty (Matches Completed): Basic= ; Bronze= ;Silver=500; Gold=1000
  • Tribal Warrior (Enemies Killed): Basic= ; Bronze= ;Silver=4000; Gold=10000
  • Utility Belt (Belt Kills): Basic= ;Bronze= ;Silver=100; Gold=500
  • Wingman (Assists): Basic= ;Bronze= ;Silver= ;Gold=1000
  • One Man Army (Sprees Earned): Basic= ;Bronze=50; Silver=250 ;Gold=
  • Multi-Kill (Any Multi-Kills Earned): Basic= ;Bronze=50; Silver=250 ;Gold=
  • Martial Artist (Melee Kills): Basic=5; Bronze=50; Silver=250 ;Gold=
  • Dead-Eye (Mid-Air Projectile Kills): Basic= ;Bronze=50; Silver=250 ;Gold=
  • Marksman (Headshot Kills): Basic=5; Bronze=50 ;Silver= ;Gold=


  • Flag Capper (Flag Captures): Basic=5; Bronze=50; Silver= ;Gold=1000
  • Flag Defender (Flag Returns): Silver=250; Gold=
  • Speed Runner (High-Speed Flag Grabs): Bronze=25; Silver=100; Glod=500
  • Power Player (Generators Destroyed): Bronze=25; Silver=200
  • Demoman (Base Assets Destroyed): Silver=200; Gold:600
  • On-Call (Base Repairs): Gold=600;
  • Builder (Base Upgrades Purchased): Silver=250; Gold:1000


  • Road Rage (Vehicle Run-Over Kills): Basic=5; Bronze=
  • Barricade (Vehicles Destroyed): Basic=5; Bronze=25
  • Operator (Kills with a Vehicle): Bronze=100;


  • Cross Country (Ski Distance): Silver=225000
  • Tactician (Call-in Kills): Bronze=25
  • Support (Call-ins Called): Silver=100
  • Shake It Off (Regenerate to Full): Silver=4000; Gold=10000
  • Going Fast (Reach High Speeds): Silver=250; Gold=320

I have guesses on xp but I'll try to jot down xp values as I get them from now on (but that's slow). Any help filling in the rest is appreciated.

Some are based on more than what their description says.

Flag Defender is returns+defenses (I have obsidian with less than 100 returns) Flag captures is caps plus cap assists I believe. *Confirmed Generators do not cound as Base Assets in the Demoman badge.

Tribes Wiki has this data[edit]

Zabo 14:03, 28 May 2012 (UTC)


This page needs update. Just got 9k exp for getting obsidian "Utility Belt IV" badge.

Were you using a boost/VIP? I may be wrong, as I don't know if that affects badge XP, but if VIP gives you 150% XP, and a boost doubles that you would get 300%, or 9k XP. Shmeeps 08:15, 28 August 2012 (CDT)