TCNG Quickfuse

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TCNG Quickfuse
General information
Type: Thrown explosive
Slot: Belt
Class: Technician
Damage: 700
Damage (Splash): 700-210
Damage vs. Base structure: 1260
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 1260
Damage vs. Beowulf: 1260
Damage vs. Shrike: ?
Carry capacity: 2
Gold cost: 160
XP cost: 9,000
Technician Rudelus Torvin designed this grenade with a shorter fuse, and wider explosion radius, he long ago had his eyebrows singed off.— In-game description

The TCNG Quickfuse is an unlockable belt item for the Technician. This grenade features a great balance between damage and explosion radius. As the name implies, this variant has a shorter fuse and a larger blast radius than the standard TCNG, however, it also deals less damage.




Upgrade 1: +1 ammo.
Upgrade 2: +10% radius.
Upgrade 3: +20% damage vs armored targets.


  • The shorter fuse and larger explosion on the Quickfuse makes it very effective at killing enemies in enclosed environments such as the generator room. In addition, hitting Infiltrators who attempt to cloak and escape is much easier since the Technician has a wider margin of error when attempting to guess where the infiltrator has run to.

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