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General information
Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Theme: Desert
Max Players: 32

Sunstar is a Capture the Flag map added to Tribes: Ascend in patch 0.1.848.0.


Sunstar is a map with moderate hills. Each team has their flag protected by a force field that is powered by the generator which allows only two entrances to the flag. There are a few towers that provide decent sniping or shelling spots, but the best one is the main tower. On one side of the map, there is a crevice in which you can fall through. The scenery is dull, with a few dead trees and sand.

Key locations[edit]

Main tower- This tower is in the middle of the map and can be used equally well by both teams. There is a conduit in the middle of the tower for easy access to the top which is a great spot for juggernauts to shell the enemy base or for sentinels to snipe (just be careful of enemies trying to sneak up on you while your busy attacking). Shrikes can fly through the main entrance of it.


Offensive Tactics[edit]

Destroy the generator, it will remove the force field which greatly aids juggernauts shelling and flag cappers.

Defensive Tactics[edit]

Try to keep the generator alive. It will keep the force field that is covering you flag up which is a great advantage as it makes only "side to side" cap routes possible.

Vehicle Tactics[edit]


Beowulf Tank[edit]


If you want to practice your shrike flying skills, go into this map from the training menu and set up a route where you fly through the tops of the towers and through the bottom of the main tower as quick as you can