Sonic Punch

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Your melee attacks now cause a shock-wave that knocks back nearby enemies. With the final upgrade of this perk the shockwave will force flag drops on enemy players.



Upgrade 1: Increase knockback.
Upgrade 2: Increase knockback.
Upgrade 3: Forces flag drop.


  • Sonic Punch can be surprisingly useful for an Infiltrator (when fully upgraded) for two reasons:
    • When combined with Close Combat, an infiltrator can kill a heavy class quickly enough to not give him time to react and without taking any self damage. Simply throw a sticky grenade on the back of the heavy then immediately melee him in the back. Not only is his death guaranteed (unless he also has the close combat perk), but the sonic punch perk will launch the heavy player and the sticky bomb away from the infiltrator, making it almost impossible for him to retaliate and preventing the sticky bomb from damaging the infiltrator as well.
    • It's not uncommon to have players who take the opposing team's flag, then camp in an enclosed area. With the final upgrade of this perk, the infiltrator can secure the flag without having to kill the player holding the flag. This tactic is especially useful against heavy classes, especially when the enemy team camps in the generator room with the flag.
  • Sonic Punch can also be used by players attacking the generator to knock medium and heavy enemy players into the generator pit on some maps. This is especially effective against those classes that lack the energy to escape being knocked into the pit.


  • Sonic Punch goes through thin walls.


Here are some videos showing how sonic punch can be used effectively to return the flag:

Video showing bug mentioned above: