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A Soldier on Flag or "Proxy Soldier on Flag" is a very specific and specialized role in Tribes: Ascend. Playing this role involves playing the Soldier class with the Proximity Grenades equipped. The soldier on flag's job is to look out for incoming flag cappers and throw a proximity grenade on the flag as soon as the capper is about to hit the flag stand. The grenade acts similarly to a mine, detonating as soon as the flag carrier comes in range, but cannot be destroyed by enemy fire. As a result, once the grenade is thrown it becomes completely impossible for the flag carrier to grab the flag without getting hit by the grenade, killing or nearly killing him.


Primary Weapon[edit]

Since the usage the primary weapon will be mostly for self-defense, personal preference comes above all else in this slot. Primary weapon choice should be dependent on how confident the player is in their ability to use either weapon effectively against incoming enemies.

One of your weapons should in most cases be either the Assault Rifle, Gast's Rifle or the Eagle Pistol. Just be sure to keep your Proximity Grenades replenished by picking up ammo drops or calling in a Supply Drop nearby.

Secondary Weapon[edit]

The secondary weapon should be one that compliments the primary weapon that is being carried. The Eagle Pistol, with its hitscan bullets, high rate of fire, and low damage compliments the spinfusor the best; while either of the thumpers available to the soldier compliment the assault rifles.


The Proximity Grenade is required for this role.


The Utility Pack, with its added grenade slot and increased health will benefit the soldier the most when playing this role. The Energy Pack is not needed for this role unless the soldier intends to chase enemy pathfinders in addition to damaging them on the flag stand.

Primary Perk[edit]

Safety Third or Looter are both excellent choices, as they both give the soldier an extra grenade slot so that he is able to throw more proximity grenades more often to damage incoming cappers. Reach is also an alternative and useful if you find yourself having to return the flag often.

Secondary Perk[edit]

The secondary perk is mostly personal preference, but Quick Draw can both increase the speed of throwing the proximity grenades as well as aiding in killing incoming flag stand disruptors.

General Playstyle[edit]

The has the benefit of being more agile than a heavy class. This makes it a good choice if your stand is being mortared or under heavy attack, since a soldier can jet up as the mortar hits and avoid the damage. The main tactic for a SoF is to spot cappers coming in to help the sentinel. Before the capper reaches your flag, throw a proximity grenade on the flag and shoot an explosive at him as he grabs. By shooting him when he grabs you are more likely to deal damage, since he is close to the ground and if you miss you will still deal splash damage. For advanced players you can try to midair a capper or bodyblock him before he reaches the flag. If the capper does manage to get by you, quickly switch to your automatic weapon or pistol and try to shoot them down (the Quick Draw perk is very useful for this).