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Skiing skills are very important in Tribes. These tips will help you improve.

1. Use your jetpack to go up hills, then ski down slopes to accelerate and gain more speed.

2. Always try to land on a smooth downward slope.

3. You will not lose speed when skiing over flat areas.

4. Do not attempt to hit every downward slope. While in the air, you can pass over smaller slopes and attempt to land on a slope that lines up better with your existing trajectory. Use large slopes with a smooth curve to gain huge amounts of speed.

5. Chain together several instances of skiing down a slope and jetting into the air to quickly traverse large distances.

6. You can use your jetpack to gain speed on flat ground; it will let you accelerate to around 100 km/h. You can also use short bursts of the jetpack to help maneuver left and right when skiing on flat surfaces.

7. You can use an explosive weapon or grenade to gain speed, as well as to propel yourself forward and upward. This technique is commonly referred to as "Disc Jumping".

While skiing, fire an explosive weapon (e.g. the Spinfusor) at a 45 degree angle behind you, then quickly activate your jetpack. The explosion will launch you forward and into the air. You can adjust the firing angle to give yourself more forward or upward momentum.

The Pathfinder's Impact Nitron grenade works especially well for self-propelling, as it has a strong concussive force but deals little damage.

The Egocentric Perk can be used to reduce that damage inflicted by disc jumps.

have fun, and good luck!