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General information
Type: Hitscan
Slot: Secondary
Class: All Classes
Damage: 700, 1400 on back-hit
Damage vs. Generator: 560
Damage vs. Base structure: 0
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 0
Damage vs. Beowulf: 0
Damage vs. Shrike: 454
Reload type: Single
Gold cost: 420
XP cost: 37,500
Almost considered a melee weapon, the Shocklance fires a short but very high damaging beam of energy. Hits to the back deal bonus damage.— In-game description

The Shocklance is an unlockable secondary weapon available for all classes. This close-quarters hitscan weapon deals great damage, but has a very short range. The shocklance also deals double damage on a hit to the back, able to kill all light and medium classes in one hit. It does not have ammunition, but instead charges off of the user's energy pool much like the energy rifles available to the Sentinel.

Unlocking the Shocklance for one class will unlock it for all classes as well. Similarly, any XP earned using the Shocklance on one class will apply to the other classes.


Shocklance Stats.jpg


Upgrade 1: -15% Energy Cost
Upgrade 2: -15% Energy Cost
Upgrade 3: -15% Energy Cost


  • As a hitscan weapon, there is no delay from the time of the weapon firing to the impact of the round, so leading the target is not necessary.
  • The shocklance is ideal for killing enemies who are moving in the opposite direction of the player, since they are able to score a bonus damage back-hit on the enemy as they fly by if their aim and timing is perfect.
  • Infiltrators will likely take a special liking to the shocklance, as the high damage on a hit to the back is much easier to score when invisibility is available.


  • The shocklance originally debuted in Tribes 2, where it was nearly identical in function to the one currently in Tribes: Ascend.

Video showing the tribes 2 shocklance in action

Gameplay Examples[edit]

Shocklance Tips & Tricks Commentary by Shawnj

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