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This article references a community joke or meme, and may not accurately reflect information!
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The Sanic is community made measurement of speed in Tribes: Ascend. It refers to the English 4Kids (later known as 4K Media and currently known as Konami Cross Media NY) version of the Japanese TV anime, Sonic X, specifically, a line from and the title of its opening song: "Gotta Go Fast," which is commonly used to describe the fast paced gameplay of Tribes: Ascend. The word "sanic" comes from a deformed version of Sonic the Hedgehog drawn by an anonymous amateur artist, which features the above phrase, "Gotta Go Fast," over the monstrosity's head.

In general one(1) sanic is equal to one(1) km/h.

In Tribes: Ascend, km/h (kilometers per hour) is the official measurement of speed. An Easter Egg in Tribes: Ascend allows a player to replace all instances of km/h with "SANIC." This is achieved by entering "GOTTAGOFAST" (all caps) into the Enter Secret Code from the "Settings" menu. This effect resets when the user exits the game.