SAP20 Sniper Rifle

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SAP20 Sniper Rifle
General information
Type: Hitscan bullet
Slot: Primary
Class: Sentinel
Damage: 373-575  · (Max damage versus damage called with max charge at max falloff.)
Damage vs. Generator: 0
Damage vs. Base structure: 0
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 0
Damage vs. Beowulf: 0
Damage vs. Shrike: 57
Magazine size: 3
Carried ammo: 35
Reload type: Clip
Reload time: 1.35s
Gold cost: 500
XP cost: 44,000
The SAP20 deals more damage than the Phase Rifle, but consumes more energy and has fewer charges before a reload is required.— In-game description

The SAP20 is an unlockable primary weapon for the Sentinel. It charges instantaneously from the users energy pool, allowing for full damage shots without the use of a scope at the cost of mobility. Compared to the Phase Rifle, the SAP20 deals more damage, uses more energy, has a slower fire rate, and has a smaller clip size. Preference between the two is based heavily on personal play style, as well as the role the sentinel wishes to occupy.

The SAP20 is a hit-scan weapon, meaning there is no bullet drop or travel time.




Upgrade 1: +8 ammo.
Upgrade 2: +1 clip size.
Upgrade 3: -20% damage falloff.
Upgrade 4: -30% reload time.


  • Due to the low clip size, extra energy used, and lower fire rate, the SAP20 is best in the hands of experienced snipers who rarely miss. The cost of missing a target with the SAP20 is much higher than any of the other sniper rifles, but so is the payoff of a direct hit.
  • Since the SAP20 uses a full 100 energy per shot, using either or both ultra capacitor perks is recommended.


Close Combat

Can prevent you from being 1-hit by melee attacks.

Ultra Capacitors:

Using Ultra Capacitors will not cause the weapon to do more damage per shot, but the shots still cost the same amount of energy. Using capacitors leaves the sentinel with more energy remaining after firing a shot.


Probably the only other competitively solid choice other than capacitors: It allows you to handle flags a lot more easily, and thus can win your team a cap in many scenarios. This requires you to have a map awareness that extends beyond the enemy flag carriers, coupled with the knowledge of what to do when (when to flank the enemy carrier, when to assist your carrier, when to stay on your perch to snipe etc. etc.), and should thus be considered an advanced perk choice.

Quick Draw

In combination with the SAP20 Sniper Rifle and the automatic Falcon, it has deadly potential. Firing off a quick shot of the SAP20, before switching to falcon to finish off the opponent, or maybe just switch back for another shot to complete the job can deal well with many distractions. Note however that it will only work versus players with no explosives weapons, as firing the phase will be a death trap facing anybody that can aim an explosive, as you are far better protected whilst airborne facing such threats. Firing the SAP20 will drain your energy and cripple your ability to jet, and you will be a far easier target.

Survivalist: This is a very situational perk, but the pay off can be worth worth the risk (taking your eyes off the carrier). and the pay off is rarely worth the risk (taking your eyes off the carrier). However, the energy boost at max level can be very useful after a duel, since you will have typically used all your energy dodging explosive shots. The extra energy can be used to make a quick shot immediately after killing an enemy at close range.


It is very ill-adviced to snipe from the stand on any map other than Arx Novena in special scenarios, as it will get you killed by any kind of organized offense. That said, it can be an amusing perk to try on public servers, in particular on maps like sunstar where you can stand, safe from incoming carriers, on top of the flag stand force field, and still achieve rage effect.

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