Repair Tool

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Repair Tool
General information
Type: Repair
Slot: Any
Damage: 0
Attack interval: 0.095

The Repair Tool is a swappable weapon available to all classes. Each teams' base contains several Repair Tool Dispenser that allow a player to swap their current weapon with a repair tool which can be used to repair the teams' Base Assets.


  • The Repair Tool is the slowest repairing tool available, compared to the Improved Repair Tool or the Long Range Repair Tool. However, it has the added benefit of being available to any class.
  • If you have a technician on your team, you will generally not need to pick up a Repair Tool, as the repair rates on the Improved Repair Tool or the Long Range Repair Tool are easily double that of the standard Repair Tool, making it particularly ineffective.
  • If a technician is unable to live long enough to repair a Base Asset, it may be beneficial to have a heavy class (Juggernaut, Doombringer or Brute) repair the asset with a Repair Tool, as they can take more damage or harassment while still repairing the asset.
  • Using multiple Repair Tools from different players on the same Base Asset will increase the repair rate of the Base Asset.
  • To retrieve your original weapon swapped out for a Repair Tool, simply repair the Generator and then visit a friendly Inventory Station.

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