Repair Kit

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Repair Kit
General information
Type: Deployable
Slot: Belt
Class: Technician
Max simultaneously placed: 3
Carry capacity: 1
Gold cost: 240
XP cost: 21,000
This small device will automatically repair any damaged structures or targets around it.— In-game description

The Repair Kit is an unlockable belt item for the Technician class. When placed near a friendly base asset, deployable, or vehicle, the kit will slowly repair it automatically.


Upgrade 1: +5% Repair
Upgrade 2: +5% Repair
Upgrade 3: +5% Repair


  • The repair kit is very helpful when dealing with enemies who fire spinfusor disks constantly from far away and slowly whittle down base assets. Enemies with weaker spinfusors, such as the light spinfusor, will likely be either unable to destroy the asset or will take so much time to do so that they will give up or run out of ammo.
  • Using this item can free the technician up to do other tasks than constantly repairing the base assets as they are damaged and destroyed.
  • Repair Kit counts as a mine for Safety Third perk, increasing the maximum amount of placed kits to 4 allowing you to place one Repair Kit for each base building.
  • Try to place the Repair Kit behind base assets so they are less likely to be destroyed by the enemy. For example, on Crossfire, a Repair Kit placed behind the Generator can fool enemy saboteurs into thinking that the generator is down for good when it is actually going back up soon without Technician intervention.

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