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General information
Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Theme: Grassland
Max Players: 32

The Raindance map is a faithful reproduction of one of the most popular Capture the Flag maps of the original Starsiege: Tribes game. The wide-open landscape and large, rolling hills allow for excellent skiing and a wide variety of flag capping and base destruction routes. It was introduced into the map rotation with the April 12, 2012 patch.

This map is also featured in the Capture and Hold gamemode.


The general map is quite hilly, with a canyon good for skiing in the middle, as well as a bridge for easier crossing. There are a few towers across the map, and are useful for sentinels and juggernauts to bombard or headshot opponents. The gen is in the base, as usual, but is not far from the entrance, like in tartarus, and will need at least 2 light turrets to defend it effectively. The radar is very exposed, even for radar, and will also need defenses if you wish to keep it.

Key Locations[edit]

There is a main valley that divides the central map into two halves, and a bridge that crosses the center of the valley. There are two towers on opposite ends of the valley. The main base has entrances at the front and back. The flag stand is on a square platform around a tower.



The flag stand is only properly approachable from two directions, and so a Doombringer will typically have a forcefield set up, often accompanied by other deployables. Therefore, it is key to make sure the flagstand has been properly cleared before attempting a grab. The hills surrounding the stand can be very useful to build up speed, and this should be exploited, as the flag position makes it impossible to perform a back-to-front grab. Cappers should be very wary of the slight ledge around the flag stand platform, as this can stop them dead in their tracks. It is therefore recommended to jetpack slightly upon grabbing the flag to avoid this ledge.


There are two key positions for sniping for each side of the main valley: the tower on the flag stand, and a tower on the hill, by the bridge. Combined with drop jammers, these positions can make the Sentinel a powerful and hard-to-stop force against the enemy team, and, more importanty, enemy cappers.