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Rage activates if you are within 230m of your flag when it’s grabbed by an enemy. The flag must be taken from its flag stand for Rage to activate. Rage grants you +50 Energy and for 15 seconds you have a 20% mass reduction and are immune to the next self-damage you take, which removes the Rage Effect. Flag carriers cannot be raged.


Upgrade 1: +25 energy.

Upgrade 2: +25 energy.

Upgrade 3: +50% heal at start of rage.


  • Pathfinders who play the role of chaser will be greatly benefited by this perk, as it allows them to use their Thrust Pack to quickly gain speed, but still have enough energy to use their jetpack to aid in chasing. With the 20% mass reduction it also allows for more powerful disc jumps.
  • The area of activation is quite large so chasers can engage nearby hostiles as a secondary objective (the role of light defense).


  • The Rage perk originally did not reduce mass, but it was later added in an update.
  • Another update changed the mass reduction from 35% to 10%, but added another perk called Lightweight that reduces mass by 30% at all times in order to compensate.
  • Activation range was more than tripled in the Blitz update.
  • This perk was completely overhauled with the Marksman update.


  • Rage will deactivate when hit by any or at least most kinds of impact. This includes running into walls and falling from a moderate height, even if no damage is taken.