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Radar Dish


The radar is part of the static base defenses on Capture the Flag and Capture and Hold maps. It allows defenders to see icons above enemies, even if they don't have line of sight on them (unless the attacker is using a Jammer Pack, Drop Jammer or a Stealth Pack).


The radar allows defenders to preemptively throw out explosives as an enemy is rounding a corner, mortars to more easily land shots, and helps defenders to notice when an Infiltrator is recharging his cloak inside the base. It also improves general awareness of where the enemy is around the base.


The radar stops working if the generator goes down, or if its hit-points fall to zero. It can be repaired with a repair tool.


Upgrading the radar increases its range. To upgrade, stand next to it and press G.

Level Health Cost to upgrade Total cost for this level
0 2000 1500 N/A
MK1 4000 1500 1500
MK2 6000 2000 3000
MK3 8000 2000 5000
MK4 10,000 N/A 7000