Quick Draw

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Reduces the amount of time it takes to switch weapons by 30%.


Upgrade 1: +10% switch speed.
Upgrade 2: +10% switch speed.
Upgrade 3: +20% grenade throw speed.


  • Classes who have finishing weapons, such as the Soldier's Eagle Pistol or the Brute's Nova Colt will benefit the most from this perk, as it allows them to finish enemies in half the time. Oftentimes, this perk can mean the difference between victory and defeat when dueling.
  • When combined with passive reloading of off-weapons, quick draw will increase your ability to sustain fire.
  • The final upgrade of Quick Draw can prove useful for classes such as the Brute and Infiltrator, as they frequently need to throw a large number of grenades (Both sticky and fractal) in a very short time period