November 09 2015: PTS 3.0

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  • Received a visual polish pass.
  • Terrain has been smoothed out in some areas to make it easier to ski.


  • Damage numbers have been moved up on all bullet based weapons to make target easier to see while hitting.
  • Raised 3rd person camera on medium and heavy so the head of your character isn’t covering the middle of the screen.
  • Added new animations in the loadout menus where characters were previously t-posing.
  • Beowulf cannon now gives mid-air accolades when getting mid-air kills with it’s main gun.
  Bullet based weapons now deal damage to vehicles/base assets
  • vs Generators 80%
  • vs Shrike 65%
  • vs Beowulf 50%
  • vs Grav Cycle 50%
  • vs Base Turret/Sensors 100%
  • Credit ticking sound has been removed when points are awarded.
  • Removed old perks from death recap screen.
  • Fixed an issue in TDM where a player could force respawn without picking a team. (3rd team bug)
  • Fixed an issue where a console command would show hitboxes, and stealthed players.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles didn’t inherit any vehicle velocity when shooting as a passenger.

Equipment Changes[edit]

   PTS 3 Weapons loadout spreadsheet

Light Armor[edit]

  • Rage is now default on light armor.
   “Rage being default creates interesting combinations with energy consuming weapons/packs to balance around. For example, the Phase rifle becomes slightly stronger post grab but will remain fairly tame before the flag comes off the stand.”
   When the flag is taken off the stand light armor wearers, within a large radius around the flag, gain Rage.
   While Rage is active:
  • Mass decreased by 25%
  • Impulse is increased by 10%
  • Rage increases energy pool by 20%
  • Rage increases energy regeneration by 20%
  • First self impact damage is ignored and ends Rage
  • Rage expires after 15 seconds
  • 100% Energy is recovered when Rage clears

Medium Armor[edit]

  • Removed 15% repair speed increase, Improved repair tool has been buffed to replace this.

Heavy Armor[edit]

  • Energy is now gained while taking damage. Passively, it is 50% of the rate of the old Potential Energy perk. This rate can be doubled by selecting the Heavy Energy Pack.


  • Light Assault Rifle once again burst fires by community request.
  • Sawed off shotgun has returned by community request.
  • BXT1 Rifle now fires a projectile
   “The BXT1 now is a projectile based battle rifle that is great for chasing and mid-ranged combat. It does require an Energy Pack to fire, but does not consume energy from it.”
  • Damage set to 350
  • Max range set to 10000
  • Damage falloff starts at 5000 and falls off to 50% damage at max range
  • Projectile speed set to 21000
  • Inherits 100% of your velocity
  • Locks an Energy pack in your pack slot

Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon[edit]

   “Plasma weapons have been adjusted to better fit in the automatic weapon slot. They fire slightly faster and the projectile moves quicker. This will feel more like a rapid fire disk launcher with lower damage. Plasma shots have a very small area of splash damage, but will hit for solid damage on direct shots. They are still extremely good for destroying vehicles and base assets.”
  • Flight time set to 1 second on all plasma weapons

Plasma Gun[edit]

  • Refire interval reduced from 0.74 to 0.6
  • Damage set to 230, with 345 being dealt on direct shots.
  • Falloff Range set to 250, minimum damage at max range is 69.
  • Projectile Speed increased from 3200 to 3920.

Plasma Cannon[edit]

  • Refire interval reduced from 0.74 to 0.6
  • Damage set to 300, with 450 being dealt on direct shots.
  • Falloff Range set to 300, minimum damage at max range is 120.
  • Projectile Speed increased from 3200 to 3920.

Grenade Launcher[edit]

   “Grenade launchers are now less spammy and more rewarding for well placed shots.”
  • Damage increased 700, direct shots deal 875.
  • Fire interval increased to 1 second, up from 0.6

Light Grenade Launcher[edit]

  • Damage increased 580, direct shots deal 725.
  • Fire interval increased to 1 second, up from 0.6

Bolt Launcher, Heavy Bolt Launcher, and Thumper[edit]

  • Now have damage values in line with spinfusors.
  • Slightly higher reload time than a Spinfusor, but larger splash radius.

Flak Cannon[edit]

  • Increased projectile speed.
  • Added damage number offsets so damage numbers don’t stack.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get aggressively launched vertically when you shot a friendly/enemy in close range.
  • Fixed audio on projectiles.
   Mortar Launcher projectiles can now explode after 0.5 seconds on player impact.
  • This is to prevent close range abuse of the mortar launcher.
  • The timer for on touch explosion for everything else is still 2 seconds.


   “The changes around shocklance are self balancing with the stealth pack. The longer you are in stealth, the less damage the shocklance will do. It also means that when Rage is active the shocklance is a stronger weapon. There should be a tradeoff when dealing such large amounts of damage instantly as a light.”
  • Now in the “Close Range” weapon class on Light armor, other armor classes will receive weapons that fill this close range role.
  • Shocklance pulls 100% of the energy available on use.
  • Damage is calculated as 5 damage per energy consumed.
  • Damage dealt from behind is still doubled.
   Click to fire (semi-automatic) sidearms are now hold to fire. These weapons will fire at their old max fire rates.
   “This change greatly reduces the impact ping has on re-fire rates on these weapons. It may also save a few mice from early deaths.”
  • Throwing Knives
  • Sparrow
  • Nova Blaster
  • Eagle Pistol
  • Nova Blaster MX
  • Nova Colt

Laser Targeter[edit]

   Players will now have to aim steadily at a location for 0.5 seconds before indicators will show up on friendly screens. This is to prevent spam and  awkward indicators.
  • Inheritance is now taken into account on indicators.
  • Delay after releasing the button to return to idle has been fixed.


  • Rage Pack removed.
   “Feedback on rage pack was very mixed. Generally everyone really liked having tools for chasing again, especially them being so powerful, but the Rage Pack also had huge trade offs. Ultimately what killed the Rage pack was lack of versatility. When not chasing it was totally useless and confusing, and for those reason it was removed.”
  • Thrust Pack gains Rage Pack functionality.
   After Rage is activated thrust will accelerate the player at 50% of the flag grabbers speed at the time the flag was grabbed. This boost is only usable one time during rage. If the pack is activated again it will behave as a regular thrust pack.
  • Stealth Pack
   “Stealth has been a super hot topic of debate. In previous PTS tests we nerfed it into the ground until it has become almost unusable. We are currently exploring stealth options that are less troll-y. In the meantime we are trying out the stealth pack being a little more powerful so we can see how it operates in combination with all the other device changes.”
  • Drain set to 6.5, down from 8. This will yield 15 seconds of stealth from a full energy pool.
  • Stealthed players can once again fly without being revealed.
   Passive Utility Packs for all armor classes have been added.

Utility Pack (Medium) \ Light Utility Pack[edit]

  • + 20% Energy Regen speed
  • + 50% More ammo

Heavy Utility Pack[edit]

  • +20% Energy Regen speed
  • +100% Ammo
  • +10% Mass
   Energy Packs for all armor classes have been added.

Light Energy Pack[edit]

   “This pack is selected and locked in the pack slot when you have the BXT1 or the Phase rifles equipped. It is now available for any light armor to equip even if these weapons are not selected.”
  • + 25 Energy
  • + 15% Impulse

Drop Station (Medium Armor)[edit]

  • 1 deployable light inventory station.
   “The drop station deployable only has the ability to change weapons within your current armor class and refill ammo. It does not swap between armor classes, and it will not kick off health regeneration.”
  • + 25 Energy
  • + 50% Ammo

Heavy Energy Pack[edit]

   “The heavy energy pack doubles energy gained from incoming damage. It also caps the heavy armor off at a staggering 150 energy total.”
  • + 30 Energy
  • 2x passive energy gain from damage taken.

Heavy Shield Pack[edit]

  • Increased damage blocked by 120 energy to 750.

Belt Items[edit]

   New Chaff Grenade has been added to light armor belt items.
  • Jams for you and your allies nearby for 3 seconds after being deployed.
  • Reveals any stealthed players nearby.
   Prism Mine has returned to light armor belt items.
  • Damage reduced to 225
   Blackout Grenade has returned to medium armor belt items.
  • Damage increased to 250
   Motion Sensor has returned to medium armor belt items.
  • Damage increased to 200
  • Drains 100 energy when tripped.
   EMP Grenade
  • Energy drain now falls off with distance from explosion and no longer drains 160 energy guaranteed.
   NOTE: There are known usability issues and UI deficiencies associated with this transition that make it more difficult than it should be to both equip your weapons and to understand what you have equipped.  There are also known bugs with the display on the HUD of your equipped weapons.  We want to test this system on PTS prior to finalizing the User Interface, as feedback from testing could lead to changes in the overall design, which may in turn impact the user interface.