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Nj5 smg 1.png
General information
Type: Projectile bullet
Slot: Secondary
Class: Raider
Damage: 125-87 (654 - 455 DPS)
Damage vs. Generator: ?
Damage vs. Base structure: 0
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 0
Damage vs. Beowulf: 0
Damage vs. Shrike: ?
Magazine size: 20-24(Max)
Carried ammo: 120-216(Max)
Reload type: clip
Attack interval: 0.191
Gold cost: 420
XP cost: 37,500
The NJ5-B has a slower rate of fire than its predecessor, but deals more damage per hit. It can also fire while in scope.— In-game description

The NJ5-B SMG is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Raider. It fires at a much lower rate than the NJ4 SMG, but deals more damage per shot and can be fired while in the scope. With high accuracy and damage but low damage falloff, the NJ5-B SMG is mostly intended for finishing enemies at long range. Although the NJ5-B shoots high speed rounds, it is not a hitscan weapon and thus the target must still be lead in order to achieve a hit.


Nj5 ratings.png


Upgrade 1: +48 Ammo.
Upgrade 2: +4 clip size
Upgrade 3: +48 Ammo.
Upgrade 4: -15% Reload time.


  • The NJ5-B pairs well with the Plasma Gun. When heavily damaged, players will often attempt to break away from combat and get out of the rather short range of the plasma gun, and thus the NJ5-B can be used to quickly finish them off.

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