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Mass is a property of all players and classes, which affects the effectiveness of their jetpacks and explosive jumps, as well as affecting how much knockback they recieve from explosions. Light, medium, and heavy classes all have increasing amounts of mass, and the mass of an individual player can be affected by perks such as Lightweight and Super Heavy.

Tactical application[edit]

  • Players with a high mass are less affected by explosion knockback, but need more energy to fly and accelerate slower and deccelerate faster. A high mass can be desired in certain playstyles such as when playing HoF, as the player is less affected by attempted flag clears.
  • Players with a low mass are more affected by explosion knockback, allowing them to explosive- or disk-jump to greater speeds, and can typically go much faster than heavier players, making a low mass far more preferable for capping and chasing.