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Get 50% more ammo from ammo drops.


Upgrade 1: +25% ammo from drops.
Upgrade 2: +25% ammo from drops.
Upgrade 3: +1 belt ammo from drops.


  • Once fully upgraded, Looter gives the player an extra grenade slot much like the Safety Third perk. The player still spawns with the normal amount of grenades, but after grabbing an ammunition nugget they are given the extra grenade. Visiting an inventory station will remove this extra grenade from their inventory. Since there is no mention of this in the description, this is assumed to be a bug.


  • Brutes who prefer to disrupt the flag stand or the generator may find this perk to be one of the better choices. When fully upgraded, the brute can spam even more Fractal Grenades by simply picking up nearby ammunition nuggets, restoring 2 grenades. As the fractal grenades kill players, the brute can pick up their nuggets and begin the cycle again.
  • Soldiers with the Utility Pack also benefit from this perk, as they not only get a grand total of 4 grenades (due to the bug above), but they can also replenish them much quicker.
  • Infiltrators who have stickies (Sticky Grenades) will have more of them to destroy the generator.