Long Range Repair Tool

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Long Range Repair Tool
General information
Type: Repair
Slot: Secondary
Class: Technician
Damage: 0
Attack interval: 0.095
Gold cost: 160
XP cost: 9,000
Repair tools can bring base turrets, generators, and sensors back online. They can also repair vehicles. This tool has been modified for longer range, but repairs slightly slower.— In-game description

The Long Range Repair Tool is an unlockable secondary item for the Technician. It acts much like the Improved Repair Tool, but has more than triple the range at the cost of lower repair rate. The repair rate is still higher than the default repair tool that all classes can pick up and use, however.




Upgrade 1: +15% repair.
Upgrade 2: +15% repair.
Upgrade 3: +15% repair.


  • Players with the Mechanic perk who wish to un-repair enemy vehicles and base assets will undoubtedly prefer this repair tool. The reduced repair rate is undoubtedly worth the extended range when hitting moving targets.
  • The extended range of this tool allows the Technician to avoid splash damage from enemies attempting to destroy the device he is repairing, and potentially out-repair the incoming damage.
  • On many maps such as Drydock, one can use the Long Range Repair Tool to repair from across the room or hide in the next room over and repair around the corner.

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