Light on Flag (Role)

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The Light on Flag role, abbreviated LoF, is a defensive role played within Tribes: Ascend. It is an alternative to the Heavy on Flag role, generally played by a light class, specifically a Sentinel or Infiltrator. A HoF's main objective is to remain on top of their teams' flag to physically body-block enemies cappers and prevent them from taking the flag. As light classes do not have as much mass as a heavy classes does, using the Super Heavy perk is a must.

There are two general ways to play a LoF role:

  • Using a Sentinel with the Super Heavy and Rage perks combined with the Phase Rifle and Claymore Mines, a player creates a flag-blocking sniper. This is beneficial as the Rage perk increases the energy regeneration of the LoF, which allows them to fire several successive shots of the Phase Rifle to maim or kill the enemy flag-carrier.
  • Though not as effective in higher level gameplay, some use the Super Heavy perk on an Infiltrator to create a cloaked obstacle. Unaware flag-carriers may try to grab what appears to be an unguarded flag, only to collide with the cloaked infiltrator at high speeds and be hurt immensely or killed on impact.