Lava Arena

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Lava Arena
General information
Game Mode: Arena
Theme: Volcanic
Max Players: 10

Lava Arena is one of 4 current Arena maps


The arena consists of a series of circular walkways with half domed buildings in 4 opposite ends of the map. Two of these buildings hold a supply station. Vertically, the map can roughly be divided into 4 levels, whereas the 3rd, counting from bottom and up, holds the broadest walkway. Some of the walkways are broken by plateaus with the Children of the Phoenix's coat of arms engraved, and in the center is the only non-circular path way, which instead runs straight, and holds three such plateaus.

This map also has a slight tilt, which can be used as a point to launch attacks to conserve a small amount of energy.

Key locations[edit]

The supply stations in the corner buildings are usually the only tactically feasible place to restock, as most of the fighting occurs on their level. The lower supply stations are therefore tricky to get to.


The map has several appearances of the Children of the Phoenix coat of arms, and in the far horizon we can see similar arena constructs, to the one that is played on. Some of them have partially sunk into the lava beneath.