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General information
Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Theme: Snow
Max Players: 32

Katabatic is a map that originally appeared in Tribes 2. It takes place in an icy mountainous terrain and has exposed flag capture points.

This map is also featured in the Capture and Hold game-mode as of the April 12, 2012 patch.


Katabatic is defined by two large hills in the center of the map on either side, topped by large towers. To either side of these hills and between them are three low trenches. The outside edges of the map is a series of hills, arches and ice spikes where most cap routes are set up.

Both flagstands are a square platform connected via a ramp to a roofed hut which can provide HoFs protection from mortar fire. There are two hills surrounding each flagstand, one directly adjacent and one a little further away with a tower on it.

The base is underground and has two main entrances, one being a "cave" on the hill adjacent to the flagstand and another directly below the flagstand.

Key locations[edit]


Offensive Tactics[edit]

Defensive Tactics[edit]

If you have any Sentinels on your team, you can position them in the towers in the midfield, similar to the ones in Sunstar, in either defensive or offensive positions. Also, if you are a Sentinel, you can lay claymores close to the flag. Pay close attention to the spacing, because if you put them close together, a Pathfinder's disc could one-shot both of them.

Doombringers are very helpful, as their forcefields can severely limit Pathfinders' approach and capping routes. Then not only does the Doombringer have an advantage that he has to pay attention that much less, you have an advantage in the sense that the route the chasers can use stays the same. That way, you can intercept them halfway through, or you can chase them right from the start.

Vehicle Tactics[edit]


Beowulf Tank[edit]