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Juggernaut image.jpg
A Blood Eagle Juggernaut with the Fusion Mortar.
General information
Armor typeHeavy
Health2400 (2600)
Energy80 (90)
Tribes GoldFree
Experience pointsFree
Juggernauts excel at long range bombardment and devastate the exterior of enemy bases with their mortars.— In-game description

The Juggernaut's primary role is long range bombardment of the enemy base using mortar launchers to deal crippling damage to base assets and enemy vehicles. The class is intended to be played outdoors using their large splash damage to create area denial (such as clearing the flag stand) and preventing the enemy defense from keeping a hold of their base. In a pinch, a Juggernaut can enter a base and help clear out heavily defended rooms, although these tasks are much better suited to the Brute. The secondary role is deciding whether or not to reenforce offense or defense when the enemy team has abandoned their posts on the flag. Reinforcing the offense includes pushing back the advancing enemy defense from the midfield and helping intercept enemy flag carriers and their escorts to prevent captures. Reinforcing the defense means trailing behind the flag capper and forcing the chaser(s) to deal with you before they can retrieve their flag or aiding in fragging the enemy offense and sending them back to their spawn points.


Primary Weapon[edit]

Secondary Weapon[edit]


Belt Item[edit]



The juggernaut is one of the 3 default classes obtained for free.


Class Roles and Tips[edit]

The juggernaut is excellent at mid-long range bombardment of the enemy base. His spinfusor and mortar also make excellent generator attack/defense weapons, as their powerful explosions are deadly in the tight corridors of many bases. A common tactic of juggernauts is to spam mortar fire near base entrances when enemies attempt to enter a base. Indoors, attacking becomes both direct and indirect, with mortars and grenades able to turn corners and attack enemies without endangering the juggernaut, and can create area denial with its arsenal barring the X1 LMG.

The juggernaut excels at Flag Disruption because of the range and damage of the Fusion Mortar/MIRV Launcher. Clearing the flag is vital so that cappers can easily grab the flag. Due to the range of the Juggernaut's primaries one can bombard the flag stand from comparative safety and rack up a few kills along the way. For base assault, stand a distance away from the enemy base and take out turrets, sensors, deployables, players, etc. by arcing your fusion mortar.

To prevent being overpowered by more mobile classes and blind/focused attacks it is required to know your shelling points before hand. Investing time in Roam Map under Training allows you to actively move between points and remain a constant threat. Ultimately you will be forced to duel, survival depends on ones mastery of maneuvering and energy usage across a variety of landscapes as lighter/higher energy classes or builds will use their mobility to wear your energy down and leave you immobilized.

The Juggernaut can also be used to defend the flag, though the Doombringer is more readily equipped for this.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no single loadout which maximizes the juggernaut's effectiveness. Each weapon has its role clearly defined which means alternating between loadouts during a match can be common as your objectives or challenges change.


The mortar launchers all behave very differently from each other, negating any "One Size Fits All" solution. The default Fusion Mortar is the middle ground of all three primaries, better suited for stand clearing at greater distances than the MIRV and stronger than the Deluxe at indoor dueling. The MIRV excels in hitting multiple targets with its wide blast radius/higher damage and mid-range stand clearing, however any target falling below the last ladder is typically out of range as the four smaller projectiles will spread too far. Lastly the Fusion Mortar Deluxe allows for rapid base destruction and enemy harassment at greater distances but requires surgical accuracy.


The secondary weapons MKD, X1 LMG, and MK-X also need consideration. The MKD is a good starter spinfusor as its lower damage lets new players practice disc jumping with little danger and is more forgiving with its larger blast radius. Experienced players will find both unlocks more powerful yet demanding of skill. The X1 LMG requires greater accuracy on targets who know how to maximize their distance and energy when dueling heavies. Anti air is advertised with the LMG but it is a task best left to the Doombringer. The reward for the MK-X is the ability to control the rhythm of the duel using quick attacks when paired with throwing discs, the knock back and disorientation renders most enemies impaired and defenseless. It is not recommended to use your spinfusors to destroy base assets unless you cannot relocate to a better vantage point or can do so with as few shots as possible.

Belt Items[edit]

Both grenades can be used offensively and defensively. Two grenades at the feet of an unaware or occupied heavy will completely subdue them, only one for other classes. The popular choice is the throwing discs which allow for a more aggressive play. When a player learns to judge speed, distance, and trajectory, discs can become more effective than bullets at tearing enemies apart.

Perk Choice[edit]

Primary Perks

Ultra Capacitor I: Along with Ultra Capacitor II, these perks increase maneuverability. However, after learning proper skiing and disc/mortar jumping it is advised to take Safety Third, Looter, or Bounty Hunter instead.

Bounty Hunter: Rewards successful shelling and infiltration of the enemy base with more credits to be spent on upgrades, vehicles, or more commonly call-ins.

Looter: Specifically for indoor variants, combining with Survivalist allows the Juggernaut to play more like the Brute but with more flexible primary and secondary weapons.

Safety Third: This perk allows the Juggernaut to carry up to 4 Spinfusor Disks or 3 Heavy AP Grenades and increases the damage radius of each. This helps add to the total firepower and dueling capabilities of the Juggernaut.

Secondary Perks

Ultra Capacitor II: Along with Ultra Capacitor I, these perks increase maneuverability. However, after learning proper skiing and disc/mortar jumping it is advised to take Quick Draw, Egocentric, or Survivalist instead. Super Heavy only for Heavy on Flag variants.

Quick Draw: With 2 excellent weapons and fantastic grenades the Juggernaut is one of the few classes to benefit from this perk, especially when combined with the Spinfusor Disks.

Egocentric: Another method to increase maneuverability or longevity, this allows the Juggernaut to employ disc jumps (similar to what the Pathfinder does) to get around quickly. Also allows for greater leeway when dueling indoors where accidental suicide can occur during close combat.

Survivalist: This perk is a great choice for a more combat oriented playstyle, as it allows you to regain health and energy from ammo packs. being able to instantly regain big chunks of health increases your survivability greatly, allowing you to pose a greater threat to the enemy team. helps a lot for distracting the enemy team from defending the flag.

Super Heavy: This increases your mass making it harder to be knocked back when flag blocking so you can block the flag stand longer and keep annoying cappers at bay.


Video Guides[edit]

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