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General information
Type: Explosive projectile
Slot: Primary
Class: Infiltrator
Damage: 400  · (200-100 on mid-air splash)
Damage (Splash): 400-200
Damage vs. Base structure: 480
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 480
Damage vs. Beowulf: 480
Magazine size: 3
Carried ammo: 30 (42 when upgraded)
Reload type: Clip
Attack interval: 0.35 (approx.)
Reload time: 2.0 (approx.)
Gold cost: 500
XP cost: 44,000
The Jackal fires up to three rounds that stick to any surface, and are remote triggered for detonation. Perfect for setting up traps and destroying objectives from a safe distance.— In-game description

The Jackal is an unlockable primary weapon for the Infiltrator class. It fires slow-moving, arcing projectiles that stick to any surface and detonate when the weapon is reloaded. There is no minimum flight time for the projectiles, and they can be detonated as soon as they have been fired by pressing reload.

A direct hit with the Jackal causes 400 damage per round, with a maximum burst-damage capability of 1200.


Jackal stats.png


Upgrade 1: +6 ammo.
Upgrade 2: +20% damage vs armored targets.
Upgrade 3: +6 ammo.


  • Reloading the Jackal (and thus setting off its payload) does NOT reveal the infiltrator from cloak. Not even a flicker will be shown, making this tactic useful in countless scenarios.
  • The Jackal fires up to three rounds that stick to any surface, and are remote triggered for detonation. These three rounds can be detonated almost instantly after being fired, and thus are the perfect anti air weapon, as the infiltrator only has to shoot a round in the general direction of a target, reload (detonates explosives), and 240 damage is dealt to the target.
  • The Jackal can be used to set up traps by dropping stickies in key locations and detonating them when a player enters the designated area, or the player can consistently knocking incoming cappers off their course with midair detonations. It also has a role in Sentinel disruption, as the jackal has quite a long range, and 3 rounds are needed to kill a SEN.
  • The Jackal can also be used to boost the Infiltrator's speed. The player can fire a projectile at the ground, detonating as he/she passes over it. It can even be used in mid-air; fire downward and immediately detonate the projectile for a small boost.
  • High damage (3 shots on-target = 1200 damage(can no longer 1 shot an upgraded medium from stealth)) allows for quick take out of light/basic armor medium targets.
  • The Jackal can be used in combination with Sticky Grenades to quickly dispatch Heavy classes, especially Juggernauts who are bombarding your team's base from a distance. Since the belt sticky is the hardest to hit, use it first, and then as you are backing up, slap 3 Jackal rounds on them as well. When they sticky detonates they will almost certainly use their jetpack at the first sign of damage. Wait until they leave the ground before detonating the Jackal so you get the Air Mail accolade and an additional 200 points. This combination deals (400*3)+1200=2400 damage.
  • A very useful trick to use is to have two Infiltrators with one having the Jackal equipped. The Infiltrator then shoots his Jackal on the other one to make it stick, and they both cloak. When an enemy comes by the Infiltrator detonates his nades causing considerable damage. However, the stickies can be seen by the enemy, so they need to be placed in hidden locations for this to work on most enemies.
  • Alternatively, shoot on a friendly pathfinder, and use his speed to catch up to your enemies.

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