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Base Inventory Station

The Inventory Station is a Base Asset that will resupply the user: refilling their weapons, ammo, belt items, and packs. It is also possible to change classes or weapons by visiting an inventory station, instead of the usual method of dying or suiciding. There are currently two types of inventory stations in the game, the base version and the supply drop version. There is a 15 second cool down period before a player can reuse the inventory station. Attempting to use an inventory station during this cooldown period will result in an error message.

Base Version[edit]

The base inventory stations are pre-placed on every map, within or in close proximity of each team's base. These stations will resupply the user and force start health regeneration when used. However, if the generator gets destroyed the inventory station goes offline and cannot be used until the generator is repaired.

Supply Drop Version[edit]

The supply drop inventory station is placed by a player with a call-in. The supply drop inventory station can resupply ammo but cannot force start health regeneration. The supply drop inventory station is also not dependent on the team’s generator and will continue to function when the generator gets destroyed.

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