Heavy Twinfusor

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Heavy Twinfusor
Heavy twinfusor 1.jpg
General information
Type: Explosive Projectile
Slot: Secondary
Class: Juggernaut
Damage: 616 (1232 with 2 direct shots)
Damage (Splash): 440-220
Damage vs. Generator: 616
Damage vs. Base structure: 887
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 887
Damage vs. Beowulf: 887
Damage vs. Shrike: 1847
Magazine size: 2
Carried ammo: 36
Reload type: Clip
Gold cost: 500
XP cost: 44,000
Quickly finding popularity across the Wilderzone, the Twinfusor fires two disks per reload. This version has been modified for Juggernauts.— In-game description

The Heavy Twinfusor is one of the three Twinfusor variants, and an unlockable secondary weapon for the Juggernaut. It varies from the Spinfusor MKD and Spinfusor MK-X in that it fires two faster discs, but deals significantly less damage per shot and must reload after firing two discs.

A direct mid-air kill with this weapon will award the "Blue Plate Special" accolade.


Heavy twinfusor stats.jpg


Upgrade 1: +6 ammo (30 total)
Upgrade 2: +20% damage vs armored targets
Upgrade 3: +6 ammo (36 total)


  • The Heavy Twinfusor, like other Twinfusors, does more damage with two disk hits than single disc launchers. It is worth noting that with two direct shots a Heavy Twinfusor can deal slightly more damage than the Devastator Spinfusor (1232 vs 1204.) Combined with disc grenades the Juggernaut is capable of firing 3 discs in quick succession and potentially 2142 damage, taking out all lights, mediums, and crippling heavies with the exception of a Brute with a fully upgraded Heavy Shield pack. However being able to land all 3 shots is a feat in itself and left to only the best spinfusor duelists.

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