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Health represents the overall durability of your armor. After a period of time (15 seconds unless reduced by equipment), your armor will begin to repair itself to full health. Regenerating to full health a certain amount of times will unlock the "Shake it off" Badge. Health total can be increased through upgrades to your armor, and by using the Determination perk.

Class Base Health Max Health Base Regen Delay Minimum Regen Delay
Pathfinder 800 900 15s 7.5s
Sentinel 800 900 15s 7.5s
Infiltrator 800 1000 15s 11.25s
Soldier 1200 1400 15s 7.5s
Raider 1200 1300 15s 7.5s
Technician 1200 1300 15s 7.5s
Juggernaut 2400 2600 15s 6.15s
Doombringer 2300 2500 15s 7.5s
Brute 2400 2800 15s 7.5s