Fusion Mortar Deluxe

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Fusion Mortar Deluxe
General information
Type: Explosive Projectile
Slot: Primary
Class: Juggernaut
Damage: 1400
Damage (Splash): 1400-700
Damage vs. Generator: 3500
Damage vs. Base structure: 3360
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 3360
Damage vs. Beowulf: 3360
Damage vs. Shrike: 4200
Magazine size: 1
Carried ammo: 26
Reload type: Single
Gold cost: 160
XP cost: 9,000
The FMD, a very popular personal conversion kit, enhances the fusion mortar giving it a faster projectile that deals more damage, but has a smaller explosion radius.— In-game description

The Fusion Mortar Deluxe is an unlockable primary weapon for the Juggernaut class. It is a long-range artillery weapon that fires a large arcing projectile. When the projectile hits the ground in short-range combat, it lingers for a moment before detonating with a large radius. When used long-range and the projectile's 2-second fuse is allowed to expire mid-air, it will explode on contact with any surface. It differs from the original fusion mortar in that it deals more damage and has a longer range, but has a smaller explosion radius.

The Fusion Mortar Deluxe is the most-damaging handheld single-projectile weapon in the game, dealing a maximum of 1400 damage to players.




Upgrade 1: +5 ammo (21 total)
Upgrade 2: +20% damage vs armored targets
Upgrade 3: +5 ammo (26 total)


  • Compared to the original Fusion Mortar, the Fusion Mortar Deluxe is even more effective at making small surgical strikes against stationary targets from farther, safer locations. This makes it even more devastating to single targets like the Heavy on Flag and base assets.

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