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The Flag Clearer or Flag Disruptor is a crucial role in the game of Tribes: Ascend. The flag clearer's role is to disrupt the enemy defense long enough so that the capper can grab the flag and escape with little difficulty. It is usually played by a class such as the Raider and Soldier, but has been done with many different classes.

Raider Flag Clearer[edit]

The Raider is the most commonly chosen class for Flag Disruption, as his weapons can be used very effectively for the role. The Arx Buster or Grenade Launcher can detonate mines or destroy force fields and can often kill the HoF or Light Defense in time for the Capper's arrival. The NJ4 SMG or NJ5-B SMG can also give the Raider time to chain down enemies or force fields, giving him greater versatility.


Primary Weapon

The Raider's Grenade Launcher AND Arx Buster both prove invaluable in this role. Both have a good explosion radius and can kill anybody on the flag stand with a bit of effort. The Plasma Gun is less useful for this role, because it is both banned in competitive play and is more proficient for dueling and combat as opposed to clearing flagstands.

Secondary Weapon

This slot is up to debate, and should be chosen by enemy/friendly strategies and personal preference. The NJ4 SMG is alike to the Soldier's assault rifle, but the NJ5-B SMG does more damage per hit, but has a much slower rate of fire.

Belt Item

Whiteout Grenades are mostly useless for this role. It will simply confuse the HoF or Light Defense and will not clear as efficiently as other belt items. EMP Grenades do well against people, but Cluster Grenades can take out multiple deployments with less ammo expended.


In public matches, the Jammer Pack may be invaluable, allowing you to surprise attack enemies and confuse them should they notice you. However, in Pick up games or in Competitive Matches, where teams are smaller, the Defense will likely be completely aware of your presence, so the Shield pack can prove useful, allowing you to take little damage from panicking defenders.

Primary Perk

Bounty Hunter will help the Flag Clearer, allowing him to gain more credits for the kills he will most likely be getting. Safety Third, however, gives you one extra grenade, which may be useful should you have to deal with more opponents.

Secondary Perk

Up to personal preference.


The Raider is probably the best choice for this class, and he should be used.