EXR Turret

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EXR Turret
General information
Type: Deployable
Slot: Pack
Class: Technician
Damage: 380 (200 DPS)
Damage vs. Beowulf: 570
Max simultaneously placed: 2
Carry capacity: 1
Gold cost: 500
XP cost: 44,000
The EXR Turret has a longer range than the Light Turret and fires a small explosive rocket. It deals less focused damage than the Light Turret, but makes up for it with flexibility.— In-game description

The EXR Turret is an unlockable Pack item available to the Technician class. It is a deployable that can be placed by the technician in strategic locations in order to defend important positions or aid allies in firefights. The EXR turret fires rockets, with a slower rate of fire than the Light Turret but a longer range and more damage per projectile. Much like other deployables, this turret can only operate when the generator is functional.


Upgrade 1: -15% turret lock-on delay.
Upgrade 2: +1 turret deployed limit.
Upgrade 3: +25% turret damage vs armored targets.


  • Since the EXR has more range and better tracking, it is perfect for protecting the flag from incoming pathfinders attempting to snatch the flag. Even a single hit from an EXR rocket damages light classes enough for them to become easy prey for friendly chasers and sentinels.
  • The EXR, despite dealing splash damage, is rather ineffective indoors. The overall damage per second is too low to pose any threat to heavy classes, and its large size makes it easy to spot around corners. In addition, the extended range and better tracking becomes useless in enclosed environments, as enemies are almost exclusively at close range and moving very slowly. However, it is possible to provide effective indoor defense if the EXR turrets are "babysat". The high burst damage from a pair of EXR turrets can be combined with the Technician's grenades or thumper to neutralize base attackers in very short order. Of course, this tactic forces the technician to camp inside the generator room almost constantly, making him otherwise useless.


  • The EXR turret seems to be immune or at least very resistant to melee damage at seemingly random times, though it is theorized that the immunity may occur more often when hitting the turret from the front rather than the back. This has been confirmed as a bug by HiRezCary.

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