December 6, 2012: 1.0.1185

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Major Highlights[edit]

  • Owners of Custom Servers can now ban individual weapons or perks on their server. Under Gameplay Settings, use the Ban Equipment menu option.
  • Improved memory usage and management. Some users with 32-bit operating systems were crashing after running out of memory, which should now be resolved.
  • Added a safe mode option which runs the game with default settings and lowest texture quality. To access safe mode, open the Tribes: Ascend Launcher, click the settings icon, and enable “run game in safe mode.”
  • Added a system to adjust core player physics values on Custom Servers, and in local roaming maps. This system is designed to give control to advanced players who want to tweak player movement variables. We will work with the community to organize a series of presets that can be applied to custom servers and focused playtests experimenting with physics changes.

Weapon/Balance Items[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where the Brute’s Light Sticky Grenade would not explode if the grenade was primed when the owning player died.
  • Reduced Technician’s TCNG Quickfuse damage by 12.5% and radius by 4%.
  • Reduced Technician’s TCNG damage by 10% and radius by 6%.
  • Change the time between shots on Infiltrator’s Jackal from .25s to .35s.
  • Reduced Brute’s Plasma Cannon hit-box size by 28% and reduced starting clip size from 10 to 8.
  • Reduced Raider’s Plasma Gun hit-box size by 28% and reduced starting clip size from 10 to 6.
  • Reduced Raider’s NJ5-B SMG damage by 10% to be more in line with other Raider SMG options.
  • Reduced Doombringer’s Mines detonation range by 10%.

Additional Items[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where players could launch themselves off a vehicle by a collision exploit.
  • Added the ability to filter the server browser list by ruleset (Official and Custom right now)