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General information
Game Mode: Capture the Flag
Theme: Tropical island
Max Players: 32

Crossfire takes place on a lush tropical island where each team has a well protected base ship at opposite ends of the map. It is unrelated to the Tribes 2 map of the same name.


The two ships on opposite ends of the battlefield house each team's base, which is divided into multiple floors. The bottom floor has a cargo area, where the flag stand is positioned. The upper floor has three entrances, accessible from both the port and starboard sides. One of them leads to a spawning area with inventory stations, the other two into the area where the generator is housed. On the ground beneath the ship are located the turrets and radar stations. The middle of the map has fairly low foothills, but larger slopes are to be found around the perimeter of the area.

Key locations[edit]

The central features of Crossfire are the two bases which both hold a dominant position on the map. Because of the lack of other large pieces of terrain, mountains or other neutral strongpoints/towers, (like in maps like Sunstar or Katabatic) the fighting tends to be almost completely centered around the ships themselves, with a few skirmishes in the midfield between them. Due to this terrain, games tend to be faster than on maps such as Temple Ruins or Katabatic.

The flag is on the lower deck of the ship, on a balcony facing towards the midfield. This is by far the easiest position to attack in the base, consistent with most flags, with the possible exception of the top/roof of the ship. However landing on this narrow gap between decks requires either managing to pass through the deck at high velocity while keeping the right altitude (optimal) using the conduit on the far side of the ship, or aiming for the roof or another deck and working down.

The generator room is located in the engine room of each ship which has two entrances on the ship's roof. Being an engine room they are located towards the rear of each ship. New players on this map tend to be confused when attempting to find the generator room as it can not be accessed from the main decks of the ship.

Vehicle spawns are located on the ground beneath both ship, and one turret is located nearby. The other two turrets are located on floating platforms, one closer to the midfield from the ship, and the other on the far side.


Offensive Tactics[edit]

A simple way to abolish enemy defenses, is to run through the flag room and toss grenades into it, destroying enemy defenses. You will want a grenade with high splash damage and a moderate amount of damage. This technique also works best with classes like the raider, the infiltrator and the soldier because of their high damage grenades and explosives. The infiltrator is especially good for this job, because they are able to cloak before they land on the flag room balcony, meaning that enemy defense cannot target them and take them out before they can do damage. The reason why this technique works well on this map, is because there is no room for the flag defenders to run, because they are enclosed in a small room, so they are forced to run away, and if they don't, then there is a high chance that they will die. This technique will also work on heavy classes, as well as light defenders. All you need to do, is toss as many grenades into the room as fast as possible, and you are likely to get kills, because usually two grenades can kill a heavy, so if you are able to toss three grenades into a room, then you will get kills. Only use this strategy on this map or ones similar to this, such as sunstar map with a small flag room. Also, do not use this plan if there is minimal enemy defense, or it is very strong. The perks that will help you with this plan are quick-draw and safetythird. Quick-draw at its final stage lets you throw 3 grenades in the time it would have taken you to throw 2. This is vital to killing enemies in enclosed spaces. Safetythird gives you 2 extra stickies to throw, so that if you are infiltrator, then you can have a maximum of 6 sticky grenades. This combined with quick-draw will let you throw 6 grenades in the time it would have taken you to throw 4. You will find that using this technique, the enemy will have less or no time to react to your attack, and will not be able to kill you. Instead, it is very likely that you will kill yourself and suicide. This is best, because then you start off with all your grenades again, so you don't have to go back to base and refuel. I call this tactic suicide bombing (Made by me). Have fun with this technique! It might not always work, you will need practice, because this strategy will take good timing and aim.

For Juggernauts: Take out the radar sensor beforehand to make the most of this strategy. Go to either side of the enemy base and hide behind one of the many hills. Shoot your mortar onto the balcony of the enemy ship. By doing this you clear out enemy defenses and get rid of HoF's. Not to mention its an easy way to rack up kills. After you get the credits, go back farther and call in an inventory station. Then you may sit on your hill and blast away the enemy all day long. Beware of Sentinels. They will not only kill you from long distance but catch on to what you are doing. Its a good idea to change sides often.

Defensive Tactics[edit]

FLAG DEFENSE: The main role of Doombringers on this map is defending the flag, as usual. Here, you want to put your Doombringer right on top of the flag, and you want to place your force field inside cover so that it wont take damage. Another way to do it, is to place it right at the edge of the balcony, so that if it gets destroyed, you can rebuild it fast by visiting a ammo refill station inside your base. Of coarse, for you to have ammo refills or force fields for that matter, your generator must be running and well defended. This map is more generous to flag defenders, as they have a many options to put their force field, and the enemy mainly grabs the flag form one direction, and their trajectory can be predicted. They will most likely travel perpendicular to the direction of the base ship.

GENERATOR DEFENSE: The best way to protect your generator is to drop a jammer pack and place lots of turrets in the vicinity so that all cloaked units will get detected. You may want one or two heavies protecting the generator room, spamming mortars into the nearby entrances. Another way to do it, is to get a few technicians to protect the room using energy draining mines to enclose the area. If or when heavies start assaulting the generator room, you will need to bring in more units, especially if they are hiding in the generator room. Call in more defense such as jugs and brutes (VDG). Once your base is secure, some units can leave and go back to their roles. DO NOT pull units that are defending your flag to defend the generator. If the enemy persists with strong forces, you can either choose to heavily protect it with lots of units, or you can leave the generator and focus on other aspects of the game, like flag capping and attacking their base. One thing you can do as a technician is to place light turrets in the lower part of the base ship, so that your flag defenders are safe from intruders trying to kill them. Be careful, however, not to die in the process. You may want to run away or watch the flag defense form a safe location, because there is not that much you can do with your weapons. You may choose to protect your turrets and repair them, but then you may also die.

MIDFIELD DEFENSE: Defending the midfield from Juggernauts is a big job, because your flag defenders and turrets will all die unless you kill the mortar fire from the midfield. DO NOT try to attempt to attack the enemy mortars with light units unless they have heavy explosives. It is best to attack them with medium class units, so that they can chase then down and at the same time assault them with heavy units. Only try to attack them when you see them; don't defend the midfield, as you will die and you will waste your time. Another way to deal with them, is to snipe them from a distance with a sentinel. Just make sure to watch your back, and perhaps drop a dropjammer to evade detection. You will find out that it can be very challenging, because the mortar lobbers will be moving around, flying in all directions. An easy way to know when they will stop moving, is when they shoot. Usually, it they will pause and take aim while moving. Sometimes, you need will find that there are Doombringers in the midfield. They are even easier to kill, because whenever they are in the midfield, they will be attacking you with a saber launcher, and will need to stay still for a while before they can lock on to you.

Vehicle Tactics[edit]


Beowulf Tank[edit]


Shrikes are EXTREMELY useful in flag capping, if you have enough credits. Use the Shrike to charge at the enemy flag, getting out while skiing and coming in for an (at max) 200 kph flag grab. Again, only do this if you have enough credits.