Compact Nitron

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Compact Nitron
General information
Type: Thrown explosive
Slot: Belt
Class: Pathfinder
Damage: 300  · (On hit: force flag drop)
Damage (Splash): 90-300
Damage vs. Generator: 750
Damage vs. Base structure: 330
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 330
Damage vs. Beowulf: 330
Damage vs. Shrike: 750
Carry capacity: 4
Attack interval: 0.87
Gold cost: 160
XP cost: 9,000
Like the impact nitron, compact nitrons deal very little damage but force flag drops. This variant has significantly less knockback, but the compact size allows 1 extra nitron to be carried— In-game description

The Compact Nitron is an unlockable belt item for the Pathfinder class. It is a thrown grenade that explodes on contact with any surface. This variant explodes with less force and in a slightly smaller radius, but still deals the same amount of damage and forces flag drop. As a trade-off for this however, the player is able to hold an additional nitron.

If a player who is holding the flag is inside the detonation radius, the player will fumble the flag, allowing it to be returned or picked up by another player. This effect also applies to self-nitrons as well; attempting to boost one's speed while holding the flag will cause a fumble.

A direct mid-air kill with this weapon will award the "Air Mail" accolade.




Upgrade 1: +1 ammo (3 total)
Upgrade 2: +10% radius
Upgrade 3: +1 ammo (4 total)


  • Because the Compact Nitrons deal the same amount of damage but less knockback, they are not suited to players wishing to capture the flag. Rather, these nitrons are best used for chasing, as they give an extra nitron to use against enemy flag carriers.
  • When chasing, the compact nitrons pair well with the lightweight perk since the reduced impulse of the compact nitrons will become almost irrelevant with the reduced mass of lightweight.

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